Alpha Strike Reviews (2019 UPDATE): Is It Really Safe And Effective?

What Is Alpha Strike?

Alpha Strike is a dietary supplement for male function enhancement. It guarantees high energy levels, muscle toning, weight loss, and general health improvement.

More specifically, this supplement provides you with the following benefits:

  • Improve sexual function and libido
  • Strengthen muscle stamina and strength
  • Prolong and enhance physical endurance
  • Provide lean muscle and pumps
  • Promote liver and prostate health

It prepares your body for better sexual performance and surging energy. You’ll achieve maximum performance not just in the bedroom but also at the gym.

Alpha Strike


Who Makes Alpha Strike?

The manufacturer of this product is NDS Nutrition. They focus on creating products for weight management and general health.

NDS Nutrition is a supplement line from FitLife Brands, Inc., a company that provides nutrition and fitness enhancement products.

To contact NDS, you can reach their customer service hotline at 1-866-820-5559. They also have a contact form on their website where you can send your queries.

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Who Should Use Alpha Strike?

Alpha Strike is very specific when it comes to age restriction. It is only for men who are 40 years old and above.

Likewise, the company recommends consulting a physician before using the product, especially if you have a family history of

  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Heart disease
  • Low “good” cholesterol levels

This isn’t a complete list. For safety purposes, consult with your doctor if you have any other health condition.

Similarly, refrain from using the product if you are taking other dietary supplements, prescription drugs, or undergoing medical treatment.

How Does Alpha Strike Work?

Alpha Strike calls itself the “ultimate male enhancement” supplement. It targets three main aspects:

  1. Allow men to have full control over their health
  2. Maintain men’s cutting edge in terms of physical performance
  3. Revive men’s youthful groove

It contains a blend called T-Max blend, which uses the smilax officinalis root powder. This ingredient increases energy levels by providing more oxygen in your blood and balancing your sex hormones.

When you have low testosterone levels, you tend to have a poor sexual function, low sex drive, and low energy levels. Aging becomes a major problem as the metabolic rate of your testosterone hormones becomes slower.

This supplement helps elevate your testosterone levels. In addition to the T-Max blend, the product also has Vaso-Max and Prostate Support blends. These two proprietary blends increase the blood circulation in your penis, promoting prostate health. Moreover, they help your liver detoxify unwanted substances in the body more effectively.

Alpha Strike Ingredients

Alpha Strike has the following ingredients:

T-Max Blend

Vaso-MAX Blend

Prostate Support Blend

  • Saw Palmetto – decreases symptoms of BPH and improves sexual health and function.
  • Milk Thistle – treats liver problems like cirrhosis, jaundice, and hepatitis.

The product also contains gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, and FD&C Blue 1.

Alpha Strike ingredients

Alpha Strike Side Effects

The product is potentially safe as it consists of only natural ingredients. However, the manufacturer says that it may still cause adverse results depending on your health condition. Such side effects include:

  • Acne breakouts
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Aggressiveness
  • Irritability
  • High levels of estrogen
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision

Discontinue the use of the product, and call your doctor immediately if you experience any side effect.

The manufacturer also states that the supplement contains a chemical that is known to cause birth defects and reproductive harm. They also included on their label that some sports organizations may have banned some of the ingredients they use. A disclaimer is found on the product’s website and label.

Alpha Strike Dosage

There are two things to remember when taking this supplement:

For male performance enhancement:

  • Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, 30 minutes before working out.

For sexual performance enhancement:

  • Take 1 to 2 capsules 30 to 45 minutes before your sexual activity. Do not take more than 2 capsules per day.

Keep the product out of the reach of children and store it in a cool dry place.

Alpha Strike Reviews

There are limited Alpha Strike reviews online. Even the manufacturer didn’t provide testimonials about it. This isn’t surprising as it only has been available on online retail stores just recently.

The ones we found on the GNC website are a mixture of positive and negative reviews. Some are happy that it worked for them while others are unsatisfied because it did not.

Those who said that the product is effective are recommending the product to other men. One said that it made him feel like a 25-year-old lad. Another said it increased his testosterone levels.

Those who didn’t like how the product worked for them said that the money isn’t worth the results. One even said that he tried using it several times, but it didn’t bring any improvement on his sexual and overall performance at all.

Where To Buy Alpha Strike?

You can purchase this supplement directly from the manufacturer’s website. They have a refund policy that you need to comply with if you want to return the product.

It seems to be just recently available on Amazon and other online stores. GNC Live Well, however, is its official online distributor.


Does Alpha Strike Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

We don’t think that Alpha Strike is a scam. After all, it’s a product of NDS Nutrition, which is a brand of one of the leading makers of fitness supplements today.

It has a long list of ingredients, but they are all known effective for male enhancement support. There are also no official reports yet about its side effects.

Nevertheless, we aren’t entirely sure if it’s completely safe and effective. As mentioned above, some of its ingredients are banned by different sports organizations. Moreover, it has a chemical that is known to be harmful to the reproductive system.

Although the manufacturer provided warnings and precautions, they also gave a disclaimer that it’s the users’ risk if they want to try the product. In that regard, it might be better to actually resort to male enhancement supplements that are completely safe and effective.

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