Choosing The Right Seat For Your Training Bike

When you’re working out at the gym, what’s your favorite piece of gym equipment? Is it the treadmill or the rower? Or is it the stationary bike? If it’s the stationary bike, then you definitely also have a favorite seat type. There are two types of stationary bikes that you see at the gym, and these two types are recumbent and upright. The difference between the two is based on the rider’s position or simply, on the bike’s seat. This equipment is ideal for low-impact cardiovascular activity, but if you’re using an upright bike, which is very much like riding an actual bicycle, you may suffer some lower backache problems. Moreover, you can’t use an upright bike for long durations without feeling pain in your bottom. So even though the upright bike is a great piece of equipment for cardio that really works your lower body as well, it’s not as comfortable for the bottom as you’d like it to be.

While both types of stationary bikes put less stress on your joints as compared to other cardio equipment, the recumbent one is a lot more comfortable than the upright bike. The recumbent bike provides the right seat for your bottom and is ideal for people who suffer from lower back pain as it provides added back support as well. These bikes are also ideal for people who are new to cycling and can provide an effective cardiovascular workout for all users of every ability level. The level of comfort offered by recumbent bikes is unmatched, and it means you can ride these bikes comfortably for long durations, unlike the upright bikes.

Want to give it a try but can’t decide which type of stationary bike is best for you? The following might help you make a decision if you only have time for one piece of equipment during your workout.

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are more comfortable because they are easier on the lumbar spine (lower back) because of the comfortable position that you sit in on the bike. While the upright bike means you have to hunch over the handlebars, the recumbent bike promotes a better spinal posture.

These bikes also provide real comfort, simply because the seats are larger. The shape and small size of an upright bike and lack of back support make it a very uncomfortable option.

These bikes are also gentle on the joints as the knees and ankles are protected from any potential injuries. These bikes are not only comfortable but are also safer than the upright bikes because you can’t stand up using the pedals.

Recumbent bikes are also a good choice for people with neurological conditions. It is safe and can provide a low impact body workout for individuals of all ability levels.

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