7 Low-Sugar Fruits to Eat Sparingly

Fruit is not only delicious, but it can also be good for you. The only downside to eating fruits is that they tend to be higher in carbs and sugar than vegetables. This is no reason to shy away from them, though. There are many low-sugar fruits that you can eat sparingly. They also tend to have a lot of other great benefits. Here are 7 low-sugar fruits to eat sparingly, no matter what diet you are on.


Coconut can come in the form of water, oil or even shredded. It can be used as a creamer for your coffee, in desserts or can be drunk as a water. Coconut holds a lot of electrolytes, which can be great for the body. It can also help to ensure you stay hydrated even on the hottest days. Other benefits are to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


Avocados are a great fruit to eat because they are high in fat, have little carbs and have very little sugar. In fact, there is about 1 gram of sugar for every cup of avocados. This is a great fruit to eat if you are following a low carb diet. The other great thing about avocados is that they will keep you fuller longer than some other fruits. Avocados can be eaten as a sandwich or burger topping, as an add-on to salads, or as a side dish. Guacamole can be a great alternative for a dip. This is one of the best fruits for the Keto diet, as it’s not only low in sugar but high in other nutrients as well.


Lemon is not only delicious but also falls into the category of being low in sugar and high in other nutrients. One great thing about lemon is that it can give your body natural electrolytes. Electrolytes help their muscles to do their job properly. Without them, your body is depleted of the most important nutrients it needs for proper function. Probably the best way to ingest lemon is to squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water. This makes it delicious and manageable.

You probably wouldn’t want to eat a lemon on its own as it can be very sour. It can also be great to add to a salad dressing. Other benefits of lemon are that it can be helpful to your heart, it can jump-start your day giving you lots of energy, and even help your body to absorb iron more efficiently. Joints and muscles can benefit from lemon, and they might even help you to avoid cramps.


There are many great reasons why you should eat cranberries. Many people think of cranberries during Thanksgiving and Christmas as a staple side or as part of dessert. Cranberries are good for more than just that, though. Even just by drinking cranberry juice without added sugar, it can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce high blood pressure as well as inflammation within the body. Luckily, with no sugar added, it is a fruit that is naturally low in sugar, so can be friendly for any type of diet.


Pomegranate is a tasty fruit that also has great benefits. Pomegranate can help fight estrogen imbalance, which is great for helping our bodies to function at its best. When there is an excess or lack of estrogen, it can affect mood, the ability to reproduce and how our bodies age. Therefore, eating more pomegranate can improve mood, help with reproduction and even reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.


Rhubarb can make a delicious pie and also has a great amount of Vitamin K. While it tends to have a sour flavor, it can be very beneficial for your health. In fact, for every cup of rhubarb, you will only get about 1 gram of sugar. This is good news if you are trying to cut your sugars to lose weight. Vitamin K can help to increase cognition (brain function and memory) and can also help to reduce the signs of aging. While the best time to eat it is in the spring, you can also find it in the frozen section precut.


Not everyone loves olives. In fact, many people might not even realize that olives are a fruit. Olives have 0 grams of sugar for every ½ cup. Olives such as kalamata or green olives can be added to meals such as salads, pasta dishes, and pizza. Olives can lower cholesterol and also possess antioxidants, which can be important in fighting diseases and even can be beneficial when it comes to recovering after a hard workout.

These are some of the best fruits that are low in sugar for your enjoyment. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating any of these fruits because not only are they low in sugar, but they also have other great benefits.


10 Reasons To Drink Fresh Juice Daily

If you want to enjoy a healthy life, you have to resist your temptation to drink those carbonated sodas and start drinking fresh and natural juices, instead. These juices have a lot of nutrients and help you in many ways like these:

  1. Holistic wellness

Fresh juices made from fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibers, phytochemicals and much more. They boost your immunity and metabolism rate, keep your blood pressure and sugar levels under control and guarantee the overall wellness of all your vital organs.

  1. Weight management

Juices made from beans, avocado, and others have a great impact on your metabolism rate and help your body to burn fats quickly than storing it in inappropriate places. When you include more of these juices in your daily diet, you will see a visible improvement in weight loss.

  1. Detox agent

Fresh juices act as a detox agent for your stomach and liver, thereby helping you to improve all problems related to digestion. Since your metabolism rate improves greatly, your liver breaks down the fats in the foods immediately.

  1. Energy savings

When you eat solids, especially junk foods, your body has to go through the step of converting this into liquids before absorbing. However, when you drink fresh and healthy juices, you are saving your body from the conversion step, thereby saving more energy in the process.

  1. High on antioxidants

When you make fresh juices from antioxidant-rich fruits like apples and avocados at home, you can be sure of getting enough antioxidants for the day from them. It is highly recommended that you make these juices freshly at home to get the required nutrients. Canned or bottled juices are not a healthy option.

  1. Variety and taste

With fresh juices, you can mix and match as many or as little fruits & vegetables that you may like to get your daily dose of nutrients. Some days you can have a mix of orange & beet juice; on some days you can have a mix of lemon, ginger & spinach and more.

  1. Improves hydration levels

Some people may not drink the required level of water every day. Fresh juices are a great option for them. These juices are loaded with water content, which helps them to stay hydrated all through the day and flush out toxins.

  1. Mitigates risk of various ailments

When you drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices every day, you can easily get your daily dose of nutrients without trying too hard. This makes you less prone to ailments like acne, skin allergies, respiratory problems, bladder cancer, anemia, cervical cancer, cold & flu, fatigue, depression, kidney stones and more.

  1. Less effort

When you have to cut or boil/steam fruits and vegetables daily, it may require a little bit of effort form you, especially if you don’t prepare well in advance. However, with juices, you can do away with this, as it is very easy to blend the ingredients and make a healthy juice within minutes.

  1. Absorption of nutrients

With homemade fresh juices prepared from nutritious fruits and vegetables, your body finds it easy to absorb the nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals and this gives a huge boost to your immunity levels.

They are tasty, and they are easy to make; so what’s stopping you from including fresh juices in your daily diet?


10 Food That Will Help You Stay Young!

You cannot prevent aging, but you can prevent aging symptoms in you that make you look many years older than you actually are. Do you want your skin to remain free of wrinkles and sagging? Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle without age-related illness like joint pains, arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes and more? We all want to look and stay young forever, don’t we? Therefore, it is time to include these anti-aging foods in our daily diet.

  1. Walnuts

Known as the “brain-food,” walnuts are loaded with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for one’s overall well-being. Walnuts boost immunity, detox the liver, boost metabolism, manage cholesterol and blood pressure and also mitigate the risk of diabetes. Therefore, consuming them on a daily basis can help you stay young and positive for a long time.

  1. Green Tea

Apart from being rich in essential antioxidants, green tea is also a great source of polyphenols, which help in improving the collagen content of the skin. This keeps the skin tight and free from aging symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines and more.

  1. Omega-3 fats rich fishes

Fishes like salmon and tuna are rich in good fats like omega-3 fatty acids. These have anti-inflammatory properties, which help in protecting your skin against damage from UV exposure, thereby preventing signs of aging.

  1. Dark chocolate

Cocoa beans, which are the main ingredient of dark chocolate, are great sources of flavanols. These anti-inflammatory antioxidants protect your skin against UV exposure, improve moisture content in the skin and improve overall blood circulation, thereby making you look young forever.

  1. Natural and green vegetables

Vegetables are nutrient-rich foods that give you the daily dosage of fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and much more.  Vegetables like carrots and pumpkin are rich in carotenoids that protect your skin against aging symptoms.

  1. Whole grains

It is important to start including whole grains as part of your daily diet. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that delay the onset of age-related illnesses like arthritis, cardiac problems and more, thereby keeping you fit, fine and young.

  1. Flaxseeds

Apart from boosting immunity and protecting your body against various ailments, flaxseeds are also a great source of an essential omega-e fatty acid known as ALA, which protects your skin against damage from the sun and keeps it tight and young.

  1. Pomegranates

Eating a pomegranate every day will not only keep your blood pressure and sugar levels in control but will also keep your skin clear and young. This is because pomegranates generate collagen production capacity of the skin and rejuvenate damaged skin as well.

  1. Extra virgin olive oil

You need to start using extra virgin olive oil for cooking if you want to stay young and active forever. This is because olive oil is a good source of monounsaturated fats that are not only good for your heart but your skin as well.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is a tasty fruit that is loaded with folic acid, fiber, and other vitamins. They also contain polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols and antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect your skin against all damages and inflammation.

If you want a clear skin and an active lifestyle even during your old age, you need to start including these foods in your daily diet right away.


10 Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

A good and balanced diet is an important part of living healthy. If you want to bring about a positive change in your lives, here are the top 10 eating habits that you have to inculcate at the earliest:

Bring a structure to your meal plan

Being conscious of what you eat and how much you eat per day is very important. If you indulge in binge-eating on a lot of fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods during any time of the day, ensure that you balance it out evenly with the other meals by including a lot of nutrients like proteins, minerals, vitamins and more.

Track the calories in your food

If you are serious about losing weight, you need to track the calories in each meal. Many mobile apps help you do this and alert you if you are eating more calories than you should, at any time of the day.

Don’t sacrifice your favorite foods

This comes as a surprise, doesn’t it? Yes, when you sacrifice your favorite foods, the urge to eat them is bound to come back strongly within you. You may start eating a lot of unhealthy foods all of a sudden when you cannot control this urge anymore.

Bring some variety to your meals

When you eat monotonous food every day, you may crave for some unhealthy restaurant-style fried and fatty foods. To avoid these cravings, bring some variety to your cooking even if you are using the same vegetables, pulses, and other ingredients. Boiled foods, salads, smoothies, etc. are some ways of making your food tasty.

Correct timing

Eat your meals at the same time every day, so that your body can get into a proper digestive structure. Never skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. If you want to enjoy a cheat-meal occasionally, do it during lunch. Your dinner should always be light and healthy.

Prepare in advance

Most of the times, when you are back from work, you binge on cookies or chips because you are lazy to start cooking your diet meal. You need to do the preparatory work (cut all vegetables or fruits) and store them in the fridge so that you just have to come home and cook healthy food in minutes.

Colored foods are a must

Orange, green, purple, red and yellow are some of the most common colors of vegetables that you need to consume on a regular basis to boost immunity and get enough of phytonutrients.

Keep unhealthy snacks at a distance

Regardless of your location (office or home), ensure that you keep unhealthy snacks like chips, candies, etc. at a distance. Instead, have a pack of nuts, fruit, protein bars, yogurt or other healthy choices near you, to munch on whenever you feel hungry.

Include healthy fats

Don’t avoid all fats from your meals. You need to include the essential healthy fats that you get from fish, eggs, avocado, etc. to enjoy a balanced diet full of nutrients.

Drink water before meals

A very easy tip, indeed! Drink a glass of water before your meals so that your stomach feels full and you eat lesser food due to reduced hunger pangs.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the positive changes in your weight loss journey and your overall lifestyle.


10 Ways Moringa Will Help You!

The moringa plant is a treasure-house of nutrients because its leaves, bark, fruits, seeds, flowers, and roots are edible. They are loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make them a super-food, indeed. Moringa leaves contain a lot of medicinal and healing properties. These are the top 10 ways in which they can help you if consumed regularly.

Improves concentration & energy levels

Moringa leaves are packed with a host of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and many vitamins. Therefore eating moringa leaves (in any form) helps you to stay energized and improves your concentration power in whatever you do.

Helps in weight loss

Moringa leaves are known to increase the metabolism rate of your body. Therefore, your body can digest the food well and prevent fat accumulation in inappropriate parts. These leaves help your body to burn fats quite quickly, thereby helping you immensely in your weight–loss journey.

Rich in essential nutrients

A small bunch of moringa leaves contains important nutrients like Vitamins A, C & E, calcium, protein, potassium, fiber, antioxidants, and others. When you eat these leaves on a regular basis, your body’s immunity system gets a boost, and you are less prone to ailments.

Prevents cellular damage

Since Moringa leaves are rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid, they help to fight the free radicals effectively, thereby preventing inflammation and other damage to your cells. Regular consumption of these leaves, fruit or flowers ensures that your vital organs are kept hale and healthy.

Prevents occurrence of diabetes symptoms

According to reports, moringa leaves can bring stability to one’s oxidative stress, thereby bringing down the lipid and glucose levels in one’s body. Therefore, people who consume moringa (any part of the plant) regularly are less prone to diabetes than people who don’t.

Prevents acne

You would be surprised to know that moringa leaves are actively used in cosmetic treatments as well, especially to treat acne and pimples. When you apply a paste of moringa leaves and rose water on your face every day, it keeps your skin fresh and also prevents it from acne attacks.

Improves hair health

If you are experiencing hair loss or dandruff, all you need to do is apply moringa leaves pack on your hair regularly. These leaves are excellent sources of folic acid, biotins, and Vitamins C&E, which help in strengthening your hair and making it healthy.

Want to improve your energy level? Check this out!

Keeps blood pressure in check

Since moringa leaves ensure the stable functioning of the vital organs, there is even blood circulation all over the body. Your heart doesn’t feel pressurized when pumping. Therefore your blood pressure is kept under control always.

Keeps you young and rejuvenated for long

This might motivate you to include moringa in your daily diet! There are over 40 antioxidants in these leaves along with a whole range of vitamins. All of these nutrients have excellent anti-aging properties. Drinking a cup of moringa tea or consuming these leaves every day prevents wrinkles, saggy skin and other aging symptoms on your skin.

Improves brain health

Apart from antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients, moringa also has some properties to enhance the functioning of your neuro system.  They keep the neurotransmitters in your brain under check always, thereby making you less prone to brain ailments like dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and memory loss.

All parts of the moringa plant are tasty and highly nutritious. They are easily available and can be cooked in different tasty forms as well. Start eating them right now to stay young and healthy always.


10 Spices That Will Help You Lose Weight

When we plan to reduce weight, we talk about nutrients, calories and a lot more. One of the most underrated topics in this discussion is about the spices that are used in the meals.  Some of the spices that help you reduce weight, thanks to their power-packed nutrients, are mentioned below:


Ginseng is one of the most effective spices that will help you reduce weight within 12 days. This is because this spice, especially the Pinax Ginseng variety helps to boosts your energy and metabolism levels.


One of the most important active ingredients of turmeric is Curcumin, which prevents the formation of fat tissues in your body. Due to this, you can be assured that your body weight would be kept under check always.


Cumin is one of the best spices that you have to consume on a regular basis if you want a boost in your energy levels and keep your weight under check. Apart from helping in weight loss, cumin is a great choice for people with diabetes as it helps them to reduce their blood sugar levels.


Since ginger and turmeric belong to the same family, they have similar properties. Helping in weight loss is one of the common characteristics of these two spices. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and thermo genic properties, ginger aids digestion and boosts metabolism levels.


According to reports, when you add cayenne to your meal, it helps to burn around 100 calories per meal. Cayenne increases the heat in your body and improves your metabolism rate to a great extent, thereby helping you burn fats easily.


One of the best highlights of cinnamon is that it helps to improve the glucose metabolism rate in your body to a great extent. People with diabetes need to consume cinnamon on a regular basis as it helps to regulate their blood sugar levels and keep the LDL (bad cholesterol level) under check.

Black Pepper

Piperine is the main substance of black pepper. It stops the formation of new fat cells and helps your body to burn many calories quickly. It also gives an exclusive flavor to your foods, making bland foods tastier within seconds.


Dandelions are highly rich in nutrients like fibers, beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals and others. They are known for slowing your digestive process, as a result of which you feel reduced hunger pangs. By acting as a detox agent for your liver and keeping your sugar & cholesterol levels under check, dandelions help you to maintain your weight at all times.


Yes, garlic does have a pungent smell, but it is packed with so many nutrients that you just cannot afford to miss to include it in your daily diet. Raw garlic, especially, helps in keeping your digestive system healthy always by helping you to burn fats quicker.


Apart from exuding an excellent aroma, cardamom is also known for helping you to have a check on your weight. Due to its thermogenic properties, cardamom has been used in many Ayurvedic and herbal medicines for many years. It helps your body to burn fat quickly by improving your metabolism levels and keeps your weight under control.

Now that you know that all of these are super spices in their own regard, isn’t it natural to start including them in your meals?


10 Foods That Are Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential nutrients that prevent cell damage and keep your cells fit and fine all through your life. We have listed the top 10 antioxidant-rich foods here to make you aware of what you should eat on a daily basis.

Note – All the foods here are represented by their ORAC Score per 100 grams. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity

Artichokes – ORAC value – 9400

The artichokes and their leaves are believed to be full of nutrients that are good for your liver, stomach, heart and other vital organs. The vegetable and leaves are great sources of powerful antioxidants like Gallic Acid, quercetin and rutin.

Blueberries – ORAC value – 4669

Blueberries are one of the best fruits to consume on a regular basis if you want enough and more antioxidants in your body. One cup of blueberries contains all the essential range of antioxidants like Gallic Acid, Vitamins K& C, Resveratrol, Lutein, Fiber and more.

Nuts – ORAC value – 13541

All kinds of nuts, especially walnuts, should be consumed daily if you want your body to get its daily dose of antioxidants. Nuts like walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts are rich in important nutrients like resveratrol, omega-3s, selenium, etc.

Dark Chocolate – ORAC value-20816

Due to its awesome free radical fighting ability, dark chocolate is one of the richest foods in antioxidants. The essential plant compounds in it help in preventing cancers and cardiac ailments.

Black plums and prunes – ORAC value – 8059

If you love black plums, you are going to relish the fact that these awesome fruits and their dried component, the prunes, have a very high content of antioxidants.

Cranberries – ORAC value – 9500

The tasty cranberries are a great source of antioxidants that protect your body from bacterial infections and other inflammations. They are rich in fiber, manganese, and other vitamins. Cranberries are easily available in most parts of the world.

Goji Berries – ORAC value – 25000

Due to their high content of antioxidants and rich anti-inflammatory properties, Goji berries are an important part of Ayurveda and herbal medicines even today. You can eat them in raw or liquid form as you like.  The only hitch is that these are not commonly available everywhere.

Kidney Beans – ORAC value – 8400

When you use kidney beans in any form as part of your daily diet, you will get to enjoy a lot of nutrients like fiber, manganese, Vitamin B1, molybdenum, and others. They reduce the risk of diabetes, strokes and cardiac ailments.

Elderberries – ORAC value – 14000

One of the most natural foods that you can consume for a high dose of antioxidants every day is elderberries. They have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in plenty, which is why they are known to be one of the top antiviral herbs in the world today.

Cilantro – ORAC value – 5100

Cilantro is a commonly available herb that contains a host of medicinal properties. It is also a very good source of Vitamins A & K, flavonoids, phytonutrients, folate, potassium, etc. Regular consumption of cilantro will keep your bones, teeth, and hair healthy.

As you can see here, most of the foods that have high ORAC value are very easily available in all countries. Start eating them right away so that you don’t have to spend a huge sum on painkillers at a later stage in life.


10 Reasons To Integrate Ginger in Your Meals Every Day

Ginger is one of the most commonly used spices today. Yes, we all know that ginger aids digestion and that it can provide relief from cold and cough. However, there is more to ginger than these properties. Here are the top 10 reasons why we need to include ginger (in any form) in our daily diet.

High content of antioxidants

An antioxidant stops the free radicals that are produced by other molecules in your body as these radicals can lead to high-level damage of cells. Ginger is a powerful source of antioxidants; therefore, eating it daily will keep your cells healthy and young.

Soothes stomach

When you feel full after a heavy meal or if you experience a bloated/upset stomach, chewing on raw ginger can provide you immense relief. Ginger acts on your liver instantly and improves the secretion of digestive juices in your body.

Prevents travel sickness

Ginger is rich in zingerone, shogaols and gingerol, which helps you to avoid vomiting while traveling. Chewing on few fresh pieces of ginger can help in suppressing the need to vomit. Hence, it can be used daily by pregnant women as well to mitigate the effects of morning sickness.

Mitigates the effect of joint pain

Ginger has high anti-inflammatory properties. Eating it in any form daily can provide you immense relief, especially if you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Prevents cancer to a great extent

According to studies, the gingerols present in ginger help in preventing the growth of cancer cells. It is also known to shrink cancerous tumors, without any adverse side effects that you experience in other medications.

Improves the functioning of the brain

Ginger and Turmeric have similar health benefits because both of them belong to the same family. Like turmeric, ginger can improve your brain’s functioning, because of its ability to neutralize some dangerous free radicals like peroxynitrite. Thus it makes you less risky to conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Helps to fight cardiac ailments

Regular consumption of ginger will prevent the formation of plaques in the arteries of your heart, thereby making you less risky to cardiac ailments and strokes. It also reduces the bad cholesterol and helps maintain the good cholesterol in your body, which guarantees the healthy functioning of your heart.

Helps in weight loss

Ginger increases the metabolism rate of your body and helps it burn fat faster. It also helps to control your appetite. Thus, including ginger in your daily meals can help you in your weight loss plan.

Healthy functioning of the liver

Ginger acts a natural detox agent for your liver, cleansing it regularly and keeping it free of harmful toxins like ethanol and carbon tetrachloride. You need to eat ginger daily if you want your liver to secrete digestive juices properly.

Normal blood pressure

The soothing and warming effect of ginger helps to open your skin pores and aids in uniform blood circulation all over the body. Since the blood that is pumped by your heart is evenly carried to the other parts by healthy blood vessels, your blood pressure is normal at all times.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that ginger is a panacea for all evils in your body. So what is stopping you from including this super-spice in your diet every day?


10 Reasons To Ban Sodas From Your Life

We all know that sodas of all types are dangerous for our health. No, diet sodas are no good, either! Some of us do make a conscious attempt to drink them occasionally after a binge-meal while some of us conveniently ignore the health hazards that these aerated drinks bring along with them. These sodas are quite dangerous, and they can kill you in the long run. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should stop drinking them right away.

High sugar content

As per recent reports, a single can of your favorite soda contains around 10 teaspoons of sugar. When you drink these deadly sodas regularly, you are prone to diabetes and insulin resistance. This may lead to other serious ailments like obesity, blood pressure, and heart attacks.

Blocks absorption of nutrients

All sodas contain high levels of phosphoric acid, which is a chemical known to block your body’s nutrient-absorption capacity. Due to poor calcium absorption, you become more prone to conditions like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, dental problems and soft bones.

Harmful sugar substitute

Sodas contain aspartame, a substitute for sugar. This chemical is very toxic as it contains methanol. This chemical is so dangerous that it can cause serious health problems like seizures, tumors of the brain, mental imbalances, obesity, cancer and more.


The harsh truth of sodas is that the chemical and artificial sweeteners in it can result in a disastrous weight gain. People who drink about two cans of soda per day can grow to around 500 times of their original size in a decade, according to latest studies!

Too much of fructose

Sodas are known to contain high fructose corn syrup that is made from corns that are genetically modified. This syrup was found to have some elements of mercury in it. Mercury is a toxic agent that is known to cause a wide range of health hazards.

Harmful cans

Forget the soda; even their cans are dangerous for your health! These cans have high levels of BPA (Bisphenol A), a toxic chemical known to cause problems like obesity, hormonal imbalances, mental and physical disorders, cancers, infertility, etc.

Harmful colors

Some sodas come in attractive colors to woo kids. However, the sad part is that the caramel coloring used for this purpose is very toxic and can lead to cancers as well.

Poor quality of water

Almost all types of sodas manufactured across the world use low-quality tap water that is loaded with toxic chemicals, minerals, and other metals. When you consume these hazardous substances, it can cause your vital organs to break down very soon.


If you thought only coffees had caffeine, you are mistaken! Sodas contain high levels of caffeine too. This, when combined with other toxic elements like high fructose, phosphoric acid, and poor water, can lead to deadly diseases like breast cancers, cardiac ailments, abnormal blood pressure, strokes and more.

Chronic dehydration

Soda may seem to be a refreshing drink; however, what it does, in reality, is to dehydrate your body to a great extent. When you keep drinking sodas regularly, you will experience chronic dehydration, which will lead to severe problems like strokes, irregular blood pressure, etc.

Don’t you think it’s high time we said no to these sinful sodas and start drinking more of fresh fruit juices, instead?


Beauty Nutrition

10 Reasons You Should Use Coconut Oil Every Day

The most easily available things in our life are often the most underrated ones. Coconut oil is a great testimony to this fact.  Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use coconut oil every day in your life as part of your diet, beauty treatment and more.

Helps burn fat

When you use coconut oil for cooking, it helps you to bring down fat in your abdomen. The main reason this fact is that coconut oil is the most easily digestible of all oils and the liver converts this oil directly into energy, rather than storing it as fat in inappropriate places.

Soft and silky hair

Apply a few drops of warm coconut oil on your scalp and leave it on overnight by covering it with a towel or shower cap. Wash off with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo in the morning to get rid of dry hair as quickly as you can.

Helps in easy digestion

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It is also rich in antioxidants which help you to absorb the nutrients in the foods cooked in it, in a better way than what you absorb from foods cooked in other oils.

Builds immunity

An interesting fact about coconut milk is that it is rich in Lauric Acid. This helps in improving one’s immunity and protecting one’s body from wounds, injuries, virus, bacteria and other foreign elements.

Keeps skin clear and young

If your skin looks saggy and wrinkled, it affects your self-confidence to a great extent. All you need to do is to dip a cotton ball in warm coconut oil and rub it all over your face and neck area before you go to bed at night. Wash off with a mild soap in the morning. Do it every day to see visible results and softness in your skin.

Helps in the functioning of the human brain

Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats, which is great for the brain’s healthy functioning. When you use coconut oil for cooking every day, it can help prevent diseases like dementia, memory loss and Alzheimer’s at a later stage in your lives, according to medical experts.

Excellent eye cream

Apply a little bit of coconut oil in the area around your eyes and give them a nice massage before you go to bed. Wash off your eyes with cold water to get fresh and lively eyes every day.

Prevents thyroid and hormonal imbalances

Consuming coconut oil every day has a positive effect on getting your hormones function on track. Due to this, you are less prone to get affected by the thyroid, which is mainly caused due to imbalances in hormones.

Brings down the risk of heart disease

Coconut oil transforms the blood cholesterol into a usable form, which is why it has been effective at improving the good cholesterol (HDL) and reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in your blood. So, it makes you less risky to cardiac ailments.

Keeps you full

Due to the high content of Medium Chain Fatty Acids in coconut oil, you feel full when you have a meal cooked in it. Thus, you don’t indulge in binge-eating, which helps you to watch your weight.

Chuck the costly oils, creams and other beauty products and start using coconut oil immediately to get phenomenal results at affordable costs.