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How to Last longer in Bed? Truth Finally Revealed

During our lives almost every man will at some point ask “what is premature ejaculation, how to last longer and why does it happen?”. So, let’s start and find out:

How to last longer?

In a nutshell premature ejaculation is any time a man goes to have sex and ejaculates before his woman is satisfied. There are some other definitions like “any time a man ejaculates before he wants to” but essentially all definitions boil down to the same thing.

Now this happens when a man experiences overwhelming pleasure. For some men this happens within the first few seconds of sex, for others the first few minutes and in some extreme cases ejaculation can happen without any physical stimulation.

Actually, it is a condition that can come about in two types. There is the short term as well as the long-term early ejaculation.

how to last longer in bed

Short-Term Premature Ejaculation

The first type, which is the short-term, may take place to a man in any given time. It is usually temporary and may be triggered by certain factors including that of having certain psychological spurs that may come in the form of stress as well as anxiety.

One thing good about this type of premature ejaculation is that the man can easily find the necessary solutions how to last longer in the bed. He may either modify his way of living as well as prevent the factors that may already know which bring about his early ejaculation.

Long-Term Premature Ejaculation

The long-term type of premature ejaculation, on the other hand, takes place when a particular man experiences this condition of advanced ejaculation in quite a number of times, not just once or twice, but plenty of times. If this happens to you and you can not last long, immediately consult your doctor for some medical attention and help.

Your doctor will tell you that your condition of ejaculating ahead of expected time of peak may be caused by fundamental physical and some psychological factors which require immediate medical attention.

The fact is that there is no one exact cause for premature ejaculation.

There are a lot of possibilities of why it could be happening. The very first thing that any men that is suffering from this issue, needs to do is, go to see a doctor. Be upfront with the doctor with nothing withheld. They have heard it all before and will not blink when you tell them the problem.

They will do an examination and do blood work. They will look for things like the level of the hormones in the body, a chemical imbalance of the brain and swelling or inflammation of the urethra or prostrate.

All of these can help to last longer in bed. If there is a problem, they will start treatment to help you get back on track. If everything is okay with you medically then its time to look at some other causes.

last longer in bed

Stress is one of the causes of premature ejaculation. We all know that stress can cause a lot of problems in anyone’s life. It can make you sick as could be. It also can cause a man to lose the ability how to last long in bed. Stress causes this issue more and more these days. With the economy being bad as it is, it adds more stress than ever to people’s lives. Men also get stressed over their job, over kids, over relationship’s. All of these things can lead to premature ejaculation.

A major causes of premature ejaculation in all these cases is overwhelming pleasure. And quite often it’s the thoughts that we men have running through our heads that create these levels of overwhelming pleasure.

Think about it…

It’s only because of overwhelming pleasure from thoughts that can not allow some men to last longer and experience orgasm before having even been touched.

This means the thoughts you have in your head can have a dramatic effect on how long you last before orgasm. So to define premature ejaculation is really to say that it is when a man orgasms before his woman is satisfied, which happens because he experiences overwhelming pleasure, which is caused by the thoughts running through his head.

Not that your thoughts are the sole cause of premature ejaculation. Many men also make mistakes in terms of what they physically do during sex that trigger early orgasm.

But the bottom line is that premature ejaculation is not something that just happens to unlucky men, premature ejaculation is something that is triggered through certain actions.

If you want to last longer in bed and end premature ejaculation then you’ve got to learn to correct the triggers you have that are causing your premature ejaculation.

Overexcitement is one such trigger.

Being overexcited releases the hormones dopamine and adrenaline into your bloodstream which can actually encourage premature ejaculation.

If you want to last longer in bed you’ve got to learn to control your overexcitement. And here are two great ways of doing that…


What you see in your head controls how you feel. So if you visualize intense overwhelming pleasure then that’s what you’re going to experience. On the other hand if you visualize yourself being cool, calm and relaxed like James Bond, then that’s going to have a totally different effect on how you feel. If you do this you’ll find your overexcitement disappears and lasting longer is a lot easier.

Take Some Deep Breaths

Your breathing directly affects the state of your body. If you breathe quick shallow breaths, which most men do unconsciously before and during sex, then you’re going to get overexcited. So correct this problem by consciously taking some slow deep breaths could be answer how to last longer.

Doing so will relax your whole body and get rid of any unnecessary overexcitement that can trigger premature ejaculation.

So there you have it. You’ve learn the answer to the question “what is premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed?” and some simple steps towards correcting it.

I hope this helps you to improve your sex life.

Other than these, the best thing you can do when you are confronted with such problem of early ejaculation is to get some physically straining activities to get you going. As a matter of fact, such exercises and physical activities are known to put off their erection which therefore stops premature ejaculation from occurring.

What is more, stop asking the question “how do I last longer in bed?” You may start by educating yourself. You may do it by browsing through the countless of valuable resources online and know about the squeeze method which can truly help you alleviate this problem of early ejaculation. In such method, the man is supposed to squeeze the spot flanked by his penis shaft and its head exactly at a time of anticipated ejaculation.

This method has been proven to help last longer in bed and cure premature ejaculation. Try it; it might work successfully for you, too.

You do not have to sacrifice much because there are several other options available. One is to improve one’s physical condition by doing regular penile exercises. Two is to take certain foods that can help battle premature ejaculation and impotence. Third is to make use of some herbal medications, but some do come with unwanted side effects. There are other options available but as mentioned above, one must first take a look at the possible causes for this issue before implementing methods on how to last longer in bed.

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Last Longer in Bed Right Today

The most common problem of this condition is conflict between you and your partner. If this issue is straining your relationship, ask your doctor for help including couple’s therapy as a treatment program.

Do not feel lacking or even ashamed if you are suffering from this problem. It is natural for a person to want to feel physical satisfaction in the form of fulfilling sex. Remember, just the fact that you want to learn how to last longer in bed means you are normal and human like millions of others who also think of ways to become better at sex.

Discreet penile exercises can help tighten the pubococcygeal (Pc) muscles. Just taking a few minutes a day, these exercises are easy to perform, have no side effects and produce positive results for men.

You can learn about lasting longer in bed with these effective techniques and training methods proven to end the pain and embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

There are plenty of products on lasting longer on the market. Unfortunately, there are too many and not always all products work properly and efficiently. It is therefore very important that you choose the right and really functional product very carefully because many of them do not work well. Good luck!

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How to Maximize the Power of Any Aphrodisiac

maximize aphrodisiac powerIf you have invested your time researching aphrodisiacs or have spent your hard-earned money on one of these items, then you want to rest assured that you are getting what you pay for.  We have all tried things in our lives that seemed to fail in some way or another.  When it comes to increasing your sexual desire, we tend to go for things that are sure-fired methods of achieving what we desire.

Regardless of the type of aphrodisiac you are trying (food or supplement), you want to be sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck (literally!)  Try the below methods of increasing the power behind these food items, products and ideas.  Trust us, when you are in the moment, you will be glad you read this list!

  1. Get a Quality Product – Always think about the quality of a product prior to making a purchase.  You want the best thing for your situation, so you don’t want to skimp out and buy the cheapest thing available.  If you choose a supplement designed to increase your libido, you don’t want to cut corners.  Find the highest quality supplement for your money and you won’t be sorry.
  2. Try Organic, Fresh Foods That Contain Aphrodisiacs – There are many foods that have the qualities of an aphrodisiac. Try cucumbers, celery, chocolate and oysters.  These items are good for boosting your libido, are all natural and easily found in the aisles of your local grocery store.
  3. Share Your Foods With Your Partner – Once you have gone shopping at the market for your aphrodisiac, there is nothing better than sharing the fruits of your labor with your significant other. Don’t keep them all to yourself – it’s always best to share in the benefits of these healthy food items.
  4. Invite Your Partner to Try Your Supplement – If you have purchased an all natural supplement that is designed to boost your sex drive, you should invite your partner to also give it a try. When doing this, always make sure you have your partner’s consent when offering them a taste of your libido boosting supplement.  After all, you care about your partner’s enjoyment, as well.
  5. Enjoy Healthier Living – While eating these healthy aphrodisiac foods, you are not only boosting your sex drive, but you are also eating nutritious foods that are high in vitamins and minerals that your body needs. In effect, you can lose weight by eating these awesome foods.  How’s that for a boost?  Nutritional foods like these have many enzymes that your body needs to increase your testosterone, thus kick starting your libido.  Your lifestyle choices can come into play when it comes to healthier living, so kick the habit if you have a problem with booze or smoking.  Those aren’t sexy and they lessen your sex drive.
  6. Get in Better Shape – When you begin to eat healthier foods, you will begin to feel better about yourself overall. To that end, you may even decide to start working out.  Both of these will work to make you look and feel more attractive than you ever have before.  Squeeze in a walk or a run and you will feel the benefits almost immediately.  The better shape you’re in, the more stamina you will have for any bedroom escapades.  We all know how much work sex can be, especially if you are changing positions more than once.  If you’re in great shape, you won’t have to worry about the toll that being overweight can take on your body when engaging in sexual activity.

No matter what, you want to be sure that you are getting the best value for your money in the product or service that you try.  With foods, there is no return policy and there is a margin for error.  (You may end up cooking all of the aphrodisiac qualities out of the food, etc.)  However, when it comes to an all natural supplement, you want to be sure to get the best quality out there.

You want to look for something that is all natural, safe, effective, and has great reviews.  You shouldn’t trust your sex life and libido to some off-brand aphrodisiac that no one has heard of before.  Try something that is tried and true and for best results, share with your significant other.  If you do, you won’t have to explain why you’re so revved up and ready to go when they’re still at the starting line.  Having great sex isn’t a race, but wouldn’t it be great if you both arrived at the same place around the same time?  When you try a libido boosting supplement, you are taking control over your sexual health and increasing your chances for happiness with your partner.

When your love life is at stake, you want the best possible solution in the shortest amount of time possible.  As such, try your supplements and share the power of having an increased sex drive with your partner.  This way you can double the fun for the same cost.  What’s not to love about that?  Try to have fun with your aphrodisiacs, but make sure that you have your partner’s permission before sneaking something into their drink.  Enjoy these items responsibly and your sex life will definitely flourish!

Lastly, you want to make sure to read all that you can possibly find on these supplemental items that claim to increase your libido.  They are not all created the same, trust us.  Some are simply differently branded items in a fancier box that is generated to squeeze more money from you.  Read the fine print when it comes to these items and you will get the most quality supplement for your money.  Your sex life depends on it!

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How Obesity Can Negatively Affect Your Sex Life

obesity and sex lifeAs with anything, we all want to live healthy, normal lives.  Unfortunately for us, time constraints and other life events prevent us from reaching our full potential.  Suddenly, we find ourselves overweight and sitting on the couch watching television with zero sex drive.  While you may choose to blame other factors for your issues with low libido such as lack of time or sexual performance anxiety, you may want to look in the mirror first and foremost.

More often than not, over time you become careless about your outer appearance.  As you fail to take care of yourself, being overweight turns into obesity.  You may gain a few extra pounds as you age, primarily because of a slower metabolic rate, but being obesity can affect you in ways you probably never thought about.

What Obesity Is And How It Affects You

Obesity is defined as a condition associated with being so overweight that it affects the person’s health.  This condition stems from overeating without actually burning off any calories or being sedentary.  Without exercise, an overweight person grows larger and obese.  Unfortunately, obesity leads to a slew of health conditions that could otherwise be avoided.  Heart problems can also arise from obesity along with many other health concerns.

Obesity can also affect your sex life, making you less desirable than when you were fit.  For obese persons, they feel less attractive to the opposite sex.  In addition, since society is geared toward body shaming overweight or obese people, these people feel less confident about their appearance in general.  The domino effect occurs and the obese person feels self conscious about getting naked in front of their partner, leading to a possible case of sexual performance anxiety.

Society has us wired to the belief that being overweight is not sexy, so it works as a dampener when it comes to an obese person’s libido.  Fortunately, there are ways to get around this and get your libido back – if you want to work for it.

Battling Obesity

Aside from healthy eating, you may wish to kick start your libido by working out.  Exercises that increase the blood flow to the pelvic area are the best for ramping up your sex drive.  In order to stimulate your sex hormones, you can start by losing as little as ten pounds.  Any movement to start with is going to benefit your overall health and sex life, so you can start by walking for a short period of time every day.  Once that becomes a regular habit, you can ramp up your exercise routine in order to realize the many benefits this can offer your health and libido.

You want to be attractive to your partner so that they want to engage in sex with you.  Because obesity makes you lose your level of confidence, this is conveyed in intimate interactions with your partner.  If your body isn’t fit nor desirable, then it stands to reason that your partner may lose interest in sexual relations with you.

Because sex is such an integral part of any relationship, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything in your power in order to see results with your battle against obesity.

The Sex Lives Of Healthy People

As opposed to people who are obese, fit and healthy people enjoy many benefits in society and in the bedroom.  Those who are attractive don’t feel a lack of self confidence that affects their bedroom activities.

It is completely natural for people to be attracted to others who work hard to look good and take excellent care of their bodies.  In order to be attractive to others, you must look nice, well groomed and not be considerably overweight.  When you are healthy, you have a tendency to have a more positive outlook on life, healthiness and sexual activity.  Healthy people are fit enough to maintain healthy sexual activities, so it is beneficial to exercise regularly and eat well balanced meals.

The Benefits Of Having A Good Body Shape

If you have a good body shape, then you have already realized the many benefits that come along with that.  People with great shapes send signals to others that they care about their overall appearance and how they are perceived.  Society has taught us that being in shape is essential for living a quality life, having sexual partners and attracting the best mates.

After all, your appearance is the first thing that people see when they meet you.  You want to send a good message that you care about how you look.  Healthy people want to attract likeminded people who share the same views on healthy eating and exercise.

What You Can Do About Obesity

To fight the battle of the bulge, the best thing you can possibly do is to create a good exercise plan and stick with it.  If you can work hard to at least lose ten pounds, then you can be on your way to not only establishing good habits, but you will see an increased amount of testosterone, thus offering a boost to your sex drive.

Try to incorporate exercises into your workout plan that stimulate blood flow to your pelvic region, such as walking, biking or doing yoga.  These exercises cause you to have better circulation to your genitals and offer better lubrication, arousal and orgasms overall.

Consider the psychological effects that obesity has on you.  In an obese person’s head, they are probably thinking that they are not attractive or sexy enough to engage in sexual relations.  In order to take that thought process on, consider accepting yourself and the way you look.  Sometimes, feeling better about yourself leads you to want to work hard to achieve a desirable body.  In general, women more often than men are geared to think that they have to hate their bodies in order to try and make any changes to their appearance.  Still, it can prove to be a wise solution to get started working out, eating healthy foods and changing the way you think about your body.

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13 Ways to Last Longer in the Bedroom

lasting longer in bedWhen you are involved in a sexual relationship, at first it may seem like you aren’t lasting as long as you might like.  You have probably noticed that both you and your partner have achieved orgasm at different points in time in the sexual act.  This is normal and sometimes it might take a little bit longer to get your lady where she needs to be.  In the event these situations sound familiar to you, you should know that there is help.

Follow the steps listed below in order to learn how to maximize the length of time in which it takes you to achieve orgasm.  You will enjoy prolonging the experience so that you can both receive great amounts of pleasure.

  1. Take Small Steps – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your increased longevity in the bedroom.  Take baby steps when it comes to your sexual victories and you will decrease any performance anxiety that you might be feeling.  There is no rush to get through the sexual experience, so shoot for increasing your time by two minutes for the first week and ten the next week and so on.
  2. Take a Break – There is no law saying that you have to rev up your engine and keep things going. If you are overly excited for the sexual activity, you may end up achieving orgasm faster than you would have liked.  Taking a break gives your body a chance to stop and realize that it isn’t time yet to explode.
  3. Keep the Foreplay Going – You can’t come if you aren’t engaged in sex, right? To increase the amount of time that you wish to enjoy sex, you can simply perform oral sex on your lady.  This way, you will both be satisfied when the time comes.
  4. Use Lubricants Liberally – The extra lubrication can help you avoid dryness altogether. If you’re engaged in sex, you don’t want to deal with friction that is akin to rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together.  When you use lube, you can last longer so that you can both enjoy the experience.
  5. Change Things Up – Ladies, feel free to get on top or switch positions accordingly. If you’re on top and he is reaching orgasm too quickly, it could be attributed to the view.  Try to find a position that won’t cause him to go into overdrive from the onset of sexual activity.
  6. Change to a Position That is Less Stimulating – Even better, change positions to something that is less stimulating for him. If one of you has to work a little harder for sex to work, that means it will last longer overall.
  7. Use Sex Toys – Using sex toys on your lady can extend the life of the party tremendously. In this way, you are still ramped up for sexual intercourse, but you are keeping your erection for the act itself while continuing to please her.
  8. Distract Your Mind – It may seem easier said than done, but when you want to last longer in bed, you should distract your mind from the events that are happening during the act. Focus on something completely different than what you are experiencing, but be sure that doesn’t include any thoughts about your grandmother.  Thinking about grandma’s cooking may work to decrease your mood, so focus on something like any hobbies that you have or work that needs to be done.  This will get your mind out of the gutter for a moment so that you can last even longer.
  9. Ladies: Do Your Kegel Exercises – This tip is just for the ladies. If you haven’t yet heard of Kegel exercises, I’ll wait while you Google it.  There, all done?  Kegels are basically just exercises for your vagina.  Doing these exercises makes you last longer when trying to achieve orgasm.
  10. Seek Help from a Doctor – This might be a last resort, but you can always seek medical assistance by talking with your doctor. There is a good chance that your doctor has heard of any issue that you’re facing in the past, so don’t be shy.  The trick is to be as honest as possible so that you can get the results you want.
  11. Try an AprhodisiacThere are a wide variety of foods out there that are designed to increase libido in both men and women. Try eating oysters with your partner or one of the performance enhancing natural alternatives on the market.  You can last longer and enjoy better sex altogether.
  12. Keep Track of Your Energy Level – If you aren’t lasting a long enough time in the bedroom, it could be directly linked to your energy levels. If your energy level is high, then you might be too excited to lengthen the time it takes to achieve orgasm.  Keep mental notes on your level of energy when it comes to matters of sex.  If you need to talk to a doctor, this could be important information to share.
  13. Slow Things Down if You Need to – Breathe slower and slow down your rate of thrusting. This could help you achieve longer lasting sex that will bring extreme amounts of pleasure for both of you.  Men sometimes have a tendency to continue pumping until they are done, but if you want to go for longevity, slow down the rhythm – it isn’t a race.

If you are involved in a sexual relationship, then you have probably asked yourself many times how you could possibly increase your overall time spent engaged in the act of sex.  This is not an abnormal situation and you are not alone in your thinking.  If you are part of a couple who has considered how to last longer in bed, consider the tips listed above for performance improvement of the highest degree.  You will both thank yourselves later!

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Surprise: Your Partner Knows When You’re Faking An Orgasm

don't fake an orgasmThis might prove to be a shocker for any woman out there faking orgasms – your partner knows all about it.  He may not know the exact reasoning behind your actions, but he can probably tell when you’re not reaching your sexual peak.  Hopefully, if you are one of the many fakers out there, this article will pique your interest.

According to published studies, eighty percent of women have faked an orgasm (or more) in their lifetimes.  So, if you belong in that category, you should know that you are not alone.  Even worse, there are women out there who aren’t able to climax whatsoever.  If you’re part of that unlucky group, then you might want to reach out and discuss the matter with your doctor.  For the rest, read on about reasons behind faking orgasms and what you can do to achieve real orgasms that you won’t have to lie about.

Reasons Behind Faking It

Of the many women surveyed who have claimed to have faked their orgasms, many say that they do it to avoid hurting their man’s feelings.  Perhaps your guy is going the extra mile in order to try and please you, but nothing seems to be working to get you to the point of no return.

Maybe you’re too tired for sex or are in pain and just want to hurry the experience along.  Either way, instead of communicating, women who fake it are covering up their feelings and trying to shelter their partners from their true feelings.

You May Feel Like You’re Disappointing Your Partner

Again, this goes along with trying to avoid hurting your partner’s feelings.  When it comes to sex, if you’re faking it so that you don’t disappoint him, you’re doing both of you a disservice.  In addition, there is a good chance that he is going to be able to sense when you aren’t getting as much enjoyment out of the sexual experience.

Many men are finely tuned to their partners’ bodies and know when they have reached orgasm.  Even still, he may know that you’re faking it and still choose not to talk about it to avoid causing you embarrassment.

In order to improve the satisfaction that you get from sex, you can follow the tips below:

Talk Openly About Sex

Many married couples report that they are more sexually satisfied than couples who haven’t tied the knot.  We aren’t telling you to run right out and tie the knot now, but there is something to be said for people who are in long-term relationships.  These couples don’t normally hold anything back about sex or their enjoyment in it, so they are less likely to fake it when it comes to orgasms.  If you couple that with spending a great deal of time with your partner, you are bound to know everything there is to know about them – including their sexual preferences.

The best and healthiest relationships have a great level of communication in all aspects, sex included.

Ask Your Partner About Their Sexual Preferences

We don’t walk into relationships knowing everything there is to know about our partner’s sexual wants and desires.  What better way to get to know what they like than to simply ask them?   While men are typically stimulated by contact with the penis, women who want to achieve an orgasm can be different animals.  Some can be stimulated by rubbing the clitoris, while others need sexual intercourse or G-spot stimulation in order to come.  Either way, it only benefits your sexual relationship and relationship overall to ask for your partner’s preferences and keep that in mind when you’re engaging in sexual activity.

Why Not Try Something New?

There is nothing worse than going to have sex with your partner and it’s the same old boring sex that you’ve had many times before.  Instead of having sex on Wednesday as scheduled at 8pm in the missionary position, why not give that up and try something completely different?

Whether you choose different scenery, a different position entirely, toys or lingerie, you will both fully enjoy the benefits of taking things up to a higher level.  You are on the right path when you decide to let your imagination take over.

Try An Aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs are comprised of things that you can put into your body to increase your libido, or sex drive.  These can consist of foods, beverages or vitamins that work with your body to increase your pleasure sexually.

Many aphrodisiacs are made up from herbs that can stimulate testosterone production or work to increase the levels of serotonin in our bodies.  In a lot of cases, aphrodisiacs are still a mystery to modern science, but a lot of people have reported the many benefits they have seen from these foods and herbs.

If you wish to increase intimacy overall, try a food that is considered an aphrodisiac.  These foods can be anything from strawberries, bananas, nuts, figs, celery and chocolate to watermelon and oysters.  The good news about these wonderful food items is three-fold: they are inexpensive to purchase, all natural and easy to find at your local grocery store.

Instead of being one of the people who fake their orgasms with their partner, your sexual desire will be through the roof.  No longer will you just want to “get it over with” so that your partner will have an orgasm, but you will be joining him in the ecstasy and intimacy created by sexual contact.

With these little changes that you can make to your diet, you and your partner can both be on your way to increased intimacy, libido and a higher rate of achieving those elusive orgasms.  These methods are natural and don’t have any side effects at all.  Consider adding a supplement into your life if the foods we’ve mentioned don’t help you in the sex department.  There are various herbs and vitamins that can work with your body to help you stimulate your sex organs.

Now that you have all of this information, it’s completely up to you to use it!

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11 Tips For Increasing Intimacy Before And After Sex

sexual intimacyMost of the time when you think about sex, you think about the act itself and not the things that come before or after it.  In order to build intimacy between yourself and your partner, you should think about the events leading up to your sexual encounter in addition to the things that happen afterward.  When giving these times your full consideration, you open the door to having a greater amount of intimacy overall.

There are many various things that you can do with each other in order to up the level of intimacy that you both share.  Below, we discuss each in full detail so that you and your partner can grow even closer to one another – before and after the act.

You may notice that you probably do any number of these things already, but read on for our list of things to do to spice things up.

Massage Your Partner

Before sex, touching your partner by giving them a massage might work to encourage their anticipation for more intimate touching.  It doesn’t take being a pro to rub your partner down, so break out some oils and work those muscles.  Massage actually loosens up tight, stressed muscles, so it works both before and after sex to increase intimacy.  Before sex, it might get them in the mood, but afterward, it could work to say thank you for a meaningful sexual experience.

Cuddle With Each Other

Most of the time, cuddling works after sex in order to build your level of intimacy with your partner.  Simply curl up together, snuggle in closely and talk.  Or – don’t talk – it’s up to you.  You will feel your intimacy increase when your bodies are close without having sex.  Before sex, it will build anticipation, but afterward, it’s great for conveying that awesome feeling of being loved.

Share An Intimate Conversation

After sex, lay in bed with your partner and quietly talk about your day.  If you need your partner’s opinion on something or want to know how they’re feeling, take some time to talk about it together.  When you talk, be sure to avoid subjects that may lead to an argument or confrontation.  Having a stimulating or thought-provoking conversation is great, but leave the debates for times when your energies are so relaxed.

Prepare A Meal For Your Partner

Fixing your partner something to eat can work before or after sexual activities.  If you cook for them, it could lead to great sex, but after sex, it could replenish his or her energy.  Also, you can try eating foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs before sex – in order to get you and your partner both in the mood.

Have A Bath Together

Run a nice, warm bath and hop in!  This idea also works for showers, so let the water get hot and clean each other up.  Before sex, this will get you touching each other.  After sex, you can sensually clean your partner’s body and possibly get worked up for round two.

Kiss Deeply And Passionately

Kissing someone can be one of the most intimate things you do together.  We’re not talking about a peck on the cheek – we’re talking about long lasting deep kisses that are passionate.  This is another item that works both before and after sex, but can also lead to another sexual escapade if done right.

Get In The Mood With An Aphrodisiac

Using aphrodisiacs have been a long-standing way of increasing sexual desire for yourself and your partner.  As far back as ancient times, people have used foods and other vitamins and minerals in order to increase sex drive.  If you want to increase your desire for sex, try eating the right foods, taking your vitamins and a well tested aphrodisiac.  You won’t be sorry!

Walk Together Holding Hands

Hold hands and take a stroll together for an increased level of intimacy.  People often forget about the sweetness and intimacy in hand holding, so bring it back with full force!  If you are touching each other, it is bound to increase the intimacy you both share.

Send Flirty Texts

In this day and age, we can send each other flirty text messages to show that we care about one another.  Not only does it tell your partner that they’re on your mind, but it also works to build anticipation for the sex act.  Bonus: Text your partner what you want to do him when you see him!  He’ll be revved up for some marathon sex after some naughty texts are exchanged.

Show Them Gratitude

No matter how small of thing that your partner has done for you, always show them that you appreciate everything they do.  If your partner has cooked dinner, did the dishes, washed clothes or simply did something to save you the trouble – say thank you.  If he doesn’t return the favor by showing gratitude, he may just begin to learn from your good example.

Touch Each Other In Public

This goes along with holding hands in public places.  Don’t be fearful of public displays of affection or your partner will sense that in you.  Put your arm around your partner, hold hands and play footsies together.  Never underestimate the power of the human touch in creating an increased level of intimacy.  Besides, sex is all about touching, so when you touch with your clothes on, you both might be able to get revved up for a romp in the bedroom later.

Increasing intimacy with your partner should be on your list of things to do when trying to keep and maintain a healthy relationship.  It’s not brain surgery, but it could help you to grow closer to your partner so that you can build a long lasting, healthy relationship with one another.

Communication is a key ingredient in building intimacy, so be free with your words as long as they are honest and not hurtful.  Communication also leads you to open up about your sexual needs and how your partner can work to better satisfy them.

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7 Things That Are Killing Your Sex Life

things that kill your sex lifeIf you’re like most people, you aren’t open to freely discussing your bedroom activities.  We all want those fairytale romance scenes that we read about in books and see in romance movies, but the reality is sometimes not even close.  A lot of times, women struggle with a low libido, thus putting a damper on their bedroom activities.

There are a myriad of things that could be killing your sex life, so we have compiled a list of some of the most popular culprits for low libido.  Below, read through our list and see if any of these things are contributing to your lack of fun in the sack.  If they are the culprits in your lack of libido, then you can easily remedy these situations in order to reignite the fire in between the sheets.

Not Experimenting

Lack of experimentation in the bedroom could be killing your mood, so why not listen to your partner’s sexual wants and desires?  The next time he suggests fooling around in costumes or trying a new position, be ready to roll with it.  When you let him know that his suggestions are welcomed, it frees both of you to simply go with it and enjoy the experience.


Long, boring work days got you down?  You’re not alone.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed with work related things on your plate, you may want to leave those problems at the office.  Stress can play a huge role in whether or not you enjoy sexual activity, so leave it behind and enjoy yourself.  In case you weren’t aware, stress can have a huge impact on your libido

Being Overly Embarrassed

Many of us don’t like our bodies for some reason or another.  Maybe you’ve looked in the mirror and saw that you have a little extra in the middle or your thighs are bigger than previously thought.  Also, we might cringe in horror when our bodies make unexpected noises.  In order to combat this common issue, realize that it’s not the end of the world and men are usually more focused on the act of having sex.  More often than not, these minor insecurities are all in your head and are things that he doesn’t notice.


There are a few medications out there that could be interfering with your sex drive.  Among those are birth control pills, antidepressants, antihistamines and beta blockers.  Usually your sex drive will suffer as a result of using these medications, but you should read the labels to be sure of side effects.  Lastly, you can always reach out to your physician in order to try a different method in dealing with your symptoms in order to avoid the effects these medications have on your libido.


There are a variety of foods that can work against your libido.  These foods include anything processed, kale, cabbage, turnips, soy and Bok Choy.  Simply put, you can merely avoid buying these items at your local grocery store and instead, opt for foods that are healthy and increase your libido.  In addition to those foods, you should also avoid alcohol, caffeine or sugar because they work to block key nutrients that help your libido along.

Many foods exist that work to increase your low sex drive.  Try eating oysters, strawberries, chocolate, avocadoes, celery, pomegranates and other items that work to increase libido.  These are all natural, delicious solutions to a common problem.  The good news is that they can be relatively inexpensive and can help you where you need it.

Boring Routines

While sometimes it’s a good idea to schedule sex into your calendar, repeatedly having Thursday sex might not be so great.  If you find that you and your partner are routinely saving your sexy escapades for a specific day each week, you might both get bored.  In order to spice things up, take sex off of the schedule and have it when the mood strikes.

In addition to being spontaneous, you can also go for a change in scenery to make things interesting.  For the best results, get a babysitter for your children (if you have any) and reserve a hotel room that has a Jacuzzi in it.  Consider lowering the lighting and playing some sexy mood music to get your partner in the mood for sex.

Your Approach To Having Sex

Getting yourself in the mood for sex is different for men and women.  While men are wired for sex and might always seem to be in the mood, women have to feel a level of desire in order to get down and dirty.  Sometimes, women feel that they should be in the mood to have sex if their partner is, but that can also work against them, leaving them depressed and having zero confidence.

In order to gain a woman’s interest in sex, men must give them encouragement.  Things like touching, talking dirty or stimulating her erogenous zones will work to encourage her interest in sexual activities.

Overall, you want to be able to ensure that your sex life is intact so that you can both enjoy the activity without worry.  If you can’t seem to get in the mood for sex, head to the grocery store and purchase foods that are considered aphrodisiacs.  These can work to help boost both you and your partner’s libido.  All of the items on this list are controllable by you, so you now know what you need to do in order to make the best of your sex life.

After all, we all want healthy sex lives in order to enjoy our relationships with our partners.  You can build your sexual desire by putting in the time and effort necessary to create great situations that encourage awesome sex.  Eliminate boring scheduled sex sessions, distractions, libido zapping foods and any embarrassing thoughts you might have about sex so that you can enjoy a better experience.  Life is much too short to go on without the enjoyment of a healthy sex drive, so you want to get any obstacles out of the way, no matter if they are physical, mental or emotional.

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Getting Back In The Mood For Sex: A Guide

getting in the mood for sexIf you are a busy person, then there’s a good chance that you probably haven’t made time for sex.  According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, women between the ages of 18 and 59 have a 43% chance of having problems when trying to get in the mood for sexual activity.  Unfortunately, that is quite a high number – but it doesn’t have to be you.

If you’ve experienced trouble when attempting to get in the mood for sex with your partner, then you should know that you’re not alone.  If you’re reading this, then you want to get yourself back in the mood to having a quality sex life with your partner.

Read the below reasons for low sex drive below so that you can face them head-on:


If you maintain a busy lifestyle and work a lot of hours in the day, then you may be too tired for sexual activity.  To battle this, consider taking time off to enjoy with your partner.  Plan your next vacation in a place where there is no stress and just enjoy yourself.  Life is too short to work to just pay bills, so relax your busy schedule and set aside some time to engage in sex with your partner.

Low Testosterone Production

Testosterone production is necessary for having a high sex drive in men and women, so consider this as the culprit especially if your diet isn’t balanced and nutritious.  To aid in the production of testosterone in your body, consider adding tuna, beans and oysters to your diet.  These foods work to ramp up the levels of testosterone in your body and increase your libido.


If you are suffering from a low libido, but are taking various medications, then you may want to check with your physician to see if these medicines are to blame for your low sex drive.  Some medications can treat various health problems, but a side effect could be how they affect your sex drive.  If you’re taking prescription drugs to fend off high blood pressure or diuretics, these can cause lowered libido.  For the best possible results, ask your doctor or pharmacist for any useful information on the effects that these medications may have on your libido.  For a more private solution, you can always read over the patient information insert that comes along with your prescriptions to see if lowered sex drive is a side effect of the medication you’re taking.

Unresolved Partner Issues

If you have any unresolved issues with your partner, this could be to blame for your lack of sex drive.  Try opening up the lines of communication with your significant other and talk about the things that might be bothering you.  This clears the air and makes way for a healthier relationship overall.  Besides, it’s hard to think about giving someone pleasure if you’re angry with them, so resolve any issues and your sex life is bound to flourish.


If you have zero confidence in your body and hate the way it looks, you are bound to project that in the bedroom.  As we age, our bodies change and maybe you just haven’t had time to work out like you’ve used to.  Either way, your level of confidence or lack thereof is a dampener on your libido.  To fight a poor self image, you can either enjoy some exercise with your partner or learn to accept your body as it is.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can lead to a loss of libido in men, because of the stress placed upon them for obtaining and maintaining an erection.  To break the anxious cycle, men can talk to their doctor about this common medical issue.  Rather than dreading a sexual encounter with your significant other, why not enjoy it?


Just like other self-image issues, as we age and get comfortable with our partners, we may have a tendency to forgo our usual exercise routines.  If you’re overweight or suffering from obesity related issues, then you may not feel as attractive as you used to.  To battle your bulge, consider asking your partner to join you for a regular walk or run.  Eliminating excess body weight will work to increase the confidence you have in yourself and your partner will also enjoy the results.


If you are one of those couples who are used to having sex every Saturday night in the same position and for the same amount of time, you might be bored in the bedroom.  The good news is that you don’t have to be!  You can spice up your sex life by adding some toys into the mix or just by merely changing the scenery.  You don’t always have to engage in sex in the bedroom, so try to gradually add a little pep into your sex life by changing rooms.  When you’re comfortable with that, you can rent a hotel room for the night and go into full seduction mode.  Your partner and sex life will flourish as a result.

No matter the cause of your low libido, you can take comfort in knowing that there is help out there for your situation.  First, you can start handling the issue by talking with your partner and getting their opinion on the matter.  If that doesn’t help, take a look inside your medicine cabinet and study up to gain as much knowledge as you can on the medications you’re taking.  Lastly, you can always speak to your physician about any medical concerns you have.  The chances are really high that your medical doctor has heard just about everything you can think of, so don’t think that you’re the only one on the planet suffering from a low libido.

The good news is that there is help and you no longer have to suffer in silence.  As long as you’re working toward a solution, then you have nothing to fear and everything to gain. Low libido affects many people, but it doesn’t have to affect you. When talking with your doctor, give them as many details as possible so that they can give you the best treatments available.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Myths, Causes and Remedies You Didn’t Know

erectile dysfunctionJust because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept erectile dysfunction (ED) as your new normal.  There are many common myths surrounding erectile dysfunction, but we want you to have all of the facts so you can take care of yours or your partner’s sexual health.

Myth: It is a normal part of growing older

A common myth is that erectile dysfunction is a normal part of growing older for a man.  Typically, a man’s susceptibility to erectile dysfunction increases as he ages, but it doesn’t mean that there is no cure.

While it’s common for men to need more stimulation for sexual arousal to occur, it’s not something that you should feel is hopeless.  In this situation, there is help for men that wish to obtain and maintain erections for many years to come.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction isn’t dangerous to your health

Another myth is that erectile dysfunction, while bothersome, isn’t exactly dangerous to your health.  The truth is that getting diagnosed as having erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of other health problems such as high blood pressure or atherosclerosis.  Seeing your physician can lead you to being on your way to having a healthier sex life and can help detect future health problems along the way.

Psychological Problems: How To Cope

Psychological issues can cause erectile dysfunction in men.  This is related to stress and anxiety in sufferers and can affect a man’s sex life greatly.  If a man is feeling anxious or self conscious about getting an erection, it may cause him to lose the ability to do so.  In order to confront these problems, it is best to seek counseling with your partner so that any anxious feelings are eliminated before they create further problems in the bedroom.

Fatigue and Exhaustion: What To Do

Fatigue is a common cause of erectile dysfunction, but it is one of the easiest treatable causes.  In order to battle fatigue, simply ensure that you clear your head before going to bed.  Furthermore, getting a good night’s rest that is completely free of distractions can eliminate feelings of exhaustion and allow you to enjoy sex.

Relationship Problems

If you are facing problems in your relationship, this can lead to a lowered libido.  Instead of fighting with your partner, open the lines of communication and talk with them directly about what is bothering you.  When doing so, you break down the barriers that prohibit you from experiencing an erection and enjoyable sex.

Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction And Low Libido

If you aren’t ready to take that little blue pill, then there are other natural remedies for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or low libido.  Because low libido strikes both men and women, you aren’t alone when it comes to having a lowered sex drive.  Fortunately for you and many others like you, there is help that is healthy and safe for you to try.

Eating The Right Foods

With regard to foods, there are plenty of different libido enhancers out there.  This is one of the safest methods out there because these items can all be found in your local grocery store.  For the best results, try eating figs, avocados, watermelon, oysters and bananas – but not together!  These foods work to increase blood flow to your sex organs, increasing your sex drive altogether.

In addition, you can enjoy some rich, dark chocolate as a means of increasing your libido.  Studies have shown that eating chocolate releases serotonin into your body and produces aphrodisiac effects.

Make Time For Sexual Activity

If time is a factor in your busy life, then you will want to schedule some play time with your partner.  Also, consider de-stressing before leaving work so that you can leave any lingering work issues behind before you try to get down and dirty with your partner.

Get Moving

For those people who are inactive, you may try to start physical exercise to get your body moving around.  Try to start out by walking once a day, by yourself or with your partner.  When you challenge yourself physically, you build a level of confidence that will carry over into the bedroom.

Keep Your Expectations In Check

Unfortunately for most of us, all of our sexual escapades aren’t going to be mind-blowing.  Fortunately, they don’t have to be in order to enjoy having sex with your partner.  When dealing with a low libido, don’t expect too much and have a good sense of humor when things don’t work out like you wanted them to.

Make A Sex Date

Sometimes, having spontaneity in the bedroom is the key to livening things up, but making a date just for intimacy with your partner gives you both something that you can both look forward to.  You may not have the time to wait for the mood to strike you and your partner, but setting a date for sex builds anticipation for both of you.  To make sure you have a smooth experience, keep the experience free from any distractions.  For couples with children, hire a babysitter and have them take the kids to a movie in order for you and your partner to enjoy time for sexual intercourse without distractions.

As with anything, you want to make sure that the time is right for you to have sex with your partner.  While our lives do get busy and distractions lure our attention away from our partners, we can try to open the lines of communication with them in order to handle any problems that arise.

There is no manual for having a higher libido, so it is basically just trial and error until you can both work out what works for your particular situation.  Lastly, don’t listen to others who that there is a “normal” frequency for sexual relations.  Only you and your partner can make that determination for yourselves, so tune out the noise and get down to business having the best sex of your life!

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What You Need To Know About Sexual Health

sexual healthSexual health is more than about the avoidance of sexually transmitted diseases.  It is comprised of many things regarding reproduction, taking care of your body and knowledge in all issues relating to sex.

In order to keep your sexual health on track, there are some things that you should know.  To stay in the loop, check out our list of what you need to know about your sexual health and how to keep it going well.

Avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases

First and foremost, you should try your best to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  You have to be safe when it comes to having sex, so make sure that you have measures in place for protection.  This can be done with condoms, sponges or spermicides.  As long as you are able to protect yourself, you should be able to avoid disease and unwanted pregnancies.

There are a multitude of diseases and infections you can receive as a result of having sex with someone.  Before having sex with someone new, you may want to have them tested so that you aren’t contracting syphilis, gonorrhea or any other infection through intimate contact.  You can also get yourself tested to avoid sharing these unwanted diseases and give your partner comfort in knowing that you’re on the same level playing field.

While some say that abstinence is the key to avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, we are all social creatures and abstinence is probably not the ideal solution for active couples.  Some STDs can be treated, but there are others that have no cure or treatment available, so this is not something you should take any chances with.

It might be uncomfortable for you to talk about, but doing so is a sign of sexual maturity.

Know About Your Reproductive Health

If you wish to conceive children at some point in your life, then you need to know how to take care of your reproductive organs.  For men, this can mean cleaning your genitalia thoroughly, especially in the case of foreskin and keeping track of your sperm count.  For women, this can mean choosing whether or not to douche and keeping track of your ovulation cycles.

When you take great care of your reproductive health, you are able to enjoy sex with the reward of having children in the future.  It also means that you should have access to quality methods of birth control if you wish and the means necessary to access reproductive medicine if needed.

Sexual health doesn’t just encompass the absence of sexually transmitted diseases or infections, but also your physical, emotional and mental well-being with regard to your sexuality.

Free Yourself From Sex Related Guilt

Depending on how you were raised, there is a good chance that you were brought up to be ashamed of how you think about sexual activity.  When you first learned about sex, it probably wasn’t something that was openly talked about in your home.  Thus, when it comes to enjoying sexual activities with our partners, we sometimes worry about what is considered socially acceptable with regard to our bedroom activities.

Regardless if it’s religious or societal pressures, we have all been conditioned to feel guilty about our enjoyment of sex.  For that reason, we don’t talk about sex and sometimes feel embarrassed when it gets brought up in casual conversations – even with our partners.

You have to feel educated about all things related to sexual matters, but you shouldn’t feel guilt for knowing what you like and getting it.  Feel free to express yourself sexually with your partner and don’t worry about any guilty feelings.

It is natural to want to feel like we can freely express ourselves with our partner – because we are sexual beings.  Despite religious feelings on the topic of sex, enjoy your partner and educate them on what you like in the bedroom.

Sexual Health Questions For You And Your Partner

It is also natural to have questions about your sexual health and it’s best to get them out of the way before getting to that stage with a new partner.  Ask your partner the following questions and give them your answers so that you can both learn about each other’s sexual health:

  • Have you been tested for STDs?
  • Do you use condoms?
  • Are you sleeping with other people right now?
  • How would you feel in case of an unexpected pregnancy?
  • Are you taking any prescription medications?
  • Do you get a yearly physical?

These questions aren’t intended to be your typical first date talking points, so make sure you are getting to know someone that you intend on having sex with before you go through with the act.  The key to quality sexual health is regular doctor’s visits, knowledge and protecting yourself from unwanted diseases or pregnancies.

Studies have shown that a third of women don’t feel open to discussing their sexual health with their partners.  So, in order to combat those figures, we must encourage both men and women to become more open to discussing these matters freely.  To do so promotes a better quality of sexual health and works toward preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual health all boils down to our ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our entire lives.  It has been proven to be an important aspect of physical and emotional health and consists of many facets.  Being sexually healthy can be attributed to our understanding that our sexuality is a natural part of life, recognizing and understanding our sexual rights, having access to quality healthcare and education, the prevention of unwanted STDs and pregnancies, the ability to experience sexual pleasure and the ability to communicate our feelings on sexual health with our partners and healthcare providers.

Having an excellent source of knowledge with regard to these matters helps us to talk more openly about how we would like to express ourselves sexually.  In doing so, we are able to maintain a healthier approach to our own sexuality and can pass that freedom to express ourselves on to others.