The Ultimate Guide To Buy Your Indoor Training Bike

With Summer coming up, there really is no better time to start exercising, and shaping the body of your dreams. In terms of weight loss, stationary exercise bikes are one of the best tools to use. Obviously, it is much better for weight loss than walking, but not as good as sprinting. However, if you do interval training, exercise bikes can leave you with a sense of achievement, a boost in self-confidence, along with the body of your dreams…But, what about all the different types? Which exercise bike is right for me?

How long, realistically are you going to use it for?

If you only plan to use it a couple of times a week for an hour or so, do you really need to invest a huge sum of money into the latest, high-tech exercise bike? Purchasing a bike that is relevant to your workout plan is extremely important; this is because many consumers over-estimate themselves, thinking they will use their new, shiny piece of kit for hours and hours, every day. However, this is almost never the case… Do you really want to waste a lot of money, on an exercise bike that you won’t get the full potential from? Honestly, think about this.


Everybody loves a good old gimmick or two, whether it be a cycle computer, or comfy seats and water bottle holders. However, there are a few features even the most basic of exercise bikes should possess, such as: varying resistance, and also adjustable handlebars and seat. This all depends on the type of exercise bike obviously, but make sure the cycling position is easy to adjust.

However, don’t be put off a certain exercise bike, just because of an uncomfortable seat, as many elements of exercise bikes are interchangeable. Therefore, you could buy a 3rd party seat, and fit this onto your exercise bike.

Many exercise bikes also feature an emergency brake; it is highly recommended you purchase one of these bikes just for the increased assurance.

Cycle computers can also vary hugely, some telling the user how far they have cycled, calories lost, along with time spent cycling, speed and many including high-end features such as a heart rate monitor.


Every single exercise bike should at least have straps to tighten your feet into the pedals, this is an extremely important safety feature. I can’t say this enough, do not buy an exercise bike lacking straps. However, on another note – make sure you test the exercise bike before you purchase it, test it, as many lower-priced bikes will have cheap pedals, which may wobble and cause an uncomfortable experience, also test how strong the straps are.

Type of Bike

There are many different types of exercise bike, however they are all very different to use, so make sure you read up before going to purchase one…

Standard Exercise Bike: Features an upright position, tends to be easier to use and also predominantly used by casual cyclists. Designed for use similar to a normal bike. In terms of how many calories you can burn on this particular style of bike, that is only limited by how hard you go…

Recumbent Bike: Much more comfortable, however will be restricted to one position for the full session, you cannot stand on these bikes as you would on an upright bike. These bikes also include a back support, which is fantastic for those with back injuries. This is overall, a much larger type of bike.


If in the past, when you have attempted an exercise program – you have struggled to motivate yourself, there is good news… With the latest wave of exercise bikes making their way into the market, packed full of gizmos and gadgets. Some connect to WiFi allowing you to watch Netflix or similar video-streaming sites while exercising, others include your character in a “game type” scenario, this means you can actually race computer controlled characters in order to win a race. Some include phone docks/iPod docks allowing you to play music through integrated speakers rather than using headphones.

Overall, if you know you struggle to motivate, make sure this is accounted for when you purchase an exercise bike, unfortunately getting the latest gizmos and gadgets usually means a higher price, however it is still much better than wasting money on an exercise bike you won’t use.

Many premium exercise bikes feature large LCD monitors, along with a program letting you choose a destination to cycle round, some include popular destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam along with many others. This is excellent, as the faster you pedal, the faster your character will move around the city of your choice, making it seem more “video game” like.

Where will the bike be?

Some exercise bikes take up much more space than others, therefore it is imperative that you think about the room you wish to place your exercise bike. Remember, you will also need a fair amount of room around the bike, in order to safely mount, and dismount the bike. Also take into account that some of the latest bikes require power to work, for LCD monitors, along with WiFi. This will restrict where you can put the bike due to power limitations within your home.


Not every exercise bike is the same, we know that. That is why it is extremely important you do your homework before purchasing a bike. Not all companies are as forgiving as others, and you may not be able to return a bike if you don’t enjoy it. Exercise bikes can also be extremely expensive, if you don’t enjoy it, then what you have purchased is an expensive paperweight, so make sure to keep yourself motivated, and earn your dream body! Another important consideration is noise, if you plan to watch a spinning video, or listen to music during your exercise, excessive noise can be a huge problem, therefore it is highly recommended you test the exercise bike, before you purchase it to avoid dissatisfaction.

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