Vlamorous Cream Reviews (2018 UPDATE): Is It Really A Scam?

What Is Vlamorous Cream?

Vlamorous Cream is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product. It claims to make you feel and look glamorous again by reviving your natural younger-looking skin.

This product is mainly an anti-wrinkle treatment. It lifts your sagging skin to make it smooth, tight and firm. Moreover, it promises to get rid of your dark circles and puffy eyes.

Aside from these benefits, the cream supposedly protects your skin against free radical damage and environmental aggressors such as sun damage and pollution. Many review sites claim that it heals skin diseases like eczema and skin irritation.


Who Makes Vlamorous Cream?

One important thing to note about this product is that although there are some reviews about it, its manufacturer is unknown.

Even if you check these reviews, they only refer to the manufacturer as the “company” but do not state any name or information about them.

The only thing we found in common is a contact number. According to them, you can call 844-621-2325 if you have any questions regarding the product.

Because of this, we suggest that you observe due diligence when attempting to purchase this cream to avoid getting scammed.

Best Vlamorous Cream Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Vlamorous Cream, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective anti-wrinkle treatment. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Vlamorous Cream For?

This product is probably most beneficial to older users. Its anti-aging effects eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It also reduces the dark circles and swelling around your eyes.

It might also be helpful to younger men and women, but they might not see noticeable improvements yet as their skin is still young.

Women who are looking for a perfect cream to pair with their make-up might also find the product handy.

We didn’t find any genuine information as to the cream’s compatibility with different kinds of skin types. Hence, we recommend consulting with your dermatologist before using this product, especially if you have sensitive skin.

How Does Vlamorous Cream Work?

Vlamorous Cream works in various ways by providing the following benefits:

  • removal of fine lines and wrinkles from your face
  • restoration of your skin’s firmness and elasticity
  • protection of your skin against damage caused by free radicals and external aggressors
  • shrinkage of your pore size to prevent too much oil from causing acne issues
  • reduction of the dark circles, eye puffiness, and crow’s feet around your eye area
  • maintenance of your skin’s radiance and glowing beauty

The cream has collagen peptides that naturally increase the production of more collagen and elastin. It also has antioxidants that primarily prevent the free radicals from damaging your skin.

Vlamorous Cream Ingredients

Based on our research, the main ingredients of the cream are as follows:

Vitamin C – treats and prevents skin cracking and drying. It plays a role in collagen synthesis and it keeps your skin protected because of its natural antioxidant properties. Certain studies show that it can help in healing skin diseases caused by ultraviolet-induced photodamage.

Collagen Peptides – are beneficial not just to the skin, but also to the whole body. Aside from increasing the production of collagen in your skin, they strengthen your nails, hair, and teeth. If ingested, they can actually promote cardiovascular and liver health.

Antioxidants – protect your skin and whole body by preventing the free radicals from causing damage. Most skincare products use them for their natural anti-aging effects. The most common antioxidants in skincare products are vitamin E, lycopene, green tea extract, and coffee beans.

Meanwhile, we found an article claiming that Vlamorous Cream contains Pinoxide and Eyeseryl. Pinoxide is a patented ingredient of Applied Genetics Incorporated Dermatics while Eyeseryl is a common peptide that is typically used as an ingredient for eye creams.

Vlamorous Cream Side Effects

There are no reports yet regarding the side effects of this cream. This is probably because it only consists of natural ingredients.

However, as mentioned above, there is no direct information available if it is suitable for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin, it might not be a good idea resorting to this product without asking your doctor.

Likewise, its complete list of ingredients is nowhere to be found. We aren’t entirely sure if those that were mentioned above are the only ingredients the cream has.

We highly recommend conducting your own research of the product and seeking help from a professional before purchasing it.

How To Use Vlamorous Cream?

Apply this cream only once on a daily basis. Make sure that your face is clean and dry before doing so. Let your skin also absorb the cream completely before applying make-up or other lotions and creams.

Vlamorous Cream Reviews

The Vlamorous Cream reviews we found online are from the product review sites we also checked. Apparently, there aren’t many customers satisfied with its results.

Many users complained that the product is a scam. They said they have been deceived because the product didn’t work for them at all. They mentioned as well that it made their skin dry and irritated.

If you’ll notice, a lot of user feedback had people complaining about the company’s customer service. They mentioned how the company didn’t want to give them a refund when they decided to return the product.

Where To Buy Vlamorous Cream?

According to our research, Vlamorous Cream is exclusively available through the manufacturer’s website. They even offer an autoship program and other promotions.

As of this writing, however, the manufacturer’s website seems to be not available. There is also no information available if it is just under temporary maintenance or if it has been permanently deleted.

To purchase this anti-wrinkle cream, we suggest calling the contact number provided above.


Does Vlamorous Cream Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

It’s quite hard to determine whether Vlamorous Cream is a scam or not. There are many product review sites that don’t seem to promote it, and there are also numerous reviews saying that it is a scam.

In that case, we think it’s best to resort to anti-wrinkle products that are known to be really effective and legit. There are many great anti-wrinkle treatments available out there that come from reputable manufacturers and have many positive reviews.

Furthermore, the manufacturers of these products are credible enough because they reveal their complete list of ingredients. You will have a better chance determining whether they may cause you side effects or not.

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