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Five Weight Loss Tips To Stand By!

Weight loss is a journey, and it can be a very difficult journey for some. Here are five tips to assist you wherever you are on your weight loss path to make it easier.

1. De-stress

Did you know that stress can contribute to weight gain? We all have stress in our lives. Stress from homework, from family or relationship problems, from work, financial stress, and so much more. Stress actually increases your risk of obesity because of a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is released whenever the body is under large amounts of stress, and it contributes to weight gain. Taking time each day to relax and de-stress can help you on your weight loss journey. Some great ways to relax include yoga, laughing with friends, meditating, walking, reading, or playing a board game.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep really helps with weight loss. If you are eating healthy, exercising, and not seeing the results you want, take a look at your sleeping habits. Are you staying up until 1, 2, 3 am? If so, that can have a negative effect on your weight loss. When we sleep, our bodies take that time to rest and digest any food we consumed during the day. If you stay up too late, you will likely get hungry and eat a snack at night. These extra calories could add up and lead to weight gain.

3. Keep a Meal Diary

Each time you eat something during the day, write it down in a journal, or a meal diary. Writing down what you eat has been proven to help people stay on track. When you see everything that you are eating written down right in front of you, it keeps you motivated to continue eating healthy. If you know that you have to write down everything you eat, including the bad food, that can subconsciously make you refrain from eating it.

4. Create a Support Group

Having a support group, or some sort of community is very important for your weight loss journey. Losing weight becomes easier once you know that there are other people trying to do the same thing that you can bond with. A great way to get a support group is to join a fitness class. Whether it be dance, yoga, or a spinning class, there are so many fitness groups where you can meet people in similar positions as yourself. You can also look online for your support group. Start up a fitness Instagram or Tumblr account and follow people who are also trying to get fit and lose weight. Not only will you meet new people and make new friends, but a support group will help keep you motived and inspired. It’s a great way to stay on track.

5. Meal Prep

Meal prepping really helps with weight loss. If you have healthy meals prepared in advance, you will eat those foods. Create healthy meals for yourself to bring to work and school. Cook up big batches of rice, soup, beans, chili, curries, etc. Put them into Tupperware containers and then you will have no excuse because your healthy meals for the week will be all ready for you to grab and eat.

Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is a nutritional powerhouse that provides our body with so many benefits when we consume it. Here are a few health benefits you can receive from this leafy green, it’s easy to see why it’s often considered a superfood!

•     Kale is full of lutein. It is the top lutein-containing food in the USDA’s National Nutrient Database (which analyzes over 5000 foods that contain lutein). Lutein is a catenoid nutrient. It is extremely beneficial for eye health, more specifically, it protects different parts of the eye from any potential light or oxygen damage.

•     Just one cup of cooked kale contains 1180% of the daily recommended value of vitamin K. This vitamin is associated with bone health, and low intakes of vitamin K can lead to higher risks for bone fractures. Therefore, kale is very healthy for your bones because it acts as a modifier of bone matrix proteins, meanwhile improving the absorption of calcium.

•     Kale is very high in beta-carotene. This carotenoid is converted by the body into vitamin A whenever needed. One cup of cooked kale provides 885 mcg of retinol A equivalent, or 17707 IUs of vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for the growth of all body tissues, especially the skin and hair. It also produces sebum, which is the oil that keeps our hair and skin moisturized.

•     Kale has a very impressive concentration of nutrients and antioxidants that strengthens the immune system, fighting viruses and bacteria. They also contain “prebiotic nutrients.” These are nutrients that support the growth of good bacteria within our digestive system, and fight off bad bacteria.

•     Kale is high in iron, it actually has more iron than beef or any other animal product. This makes kale a great food for vegans and vegetarians to consume. Adequate iron in the body ensures that enough oxygen is delivered to the blood, and it also prevents anemia.

•     Kale has the perfect omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. This gives kale immense anti-inflammatory affects on the body. Therefore, kale helps to alleviate pain from arthritis and various autoimmune disorders.

•     Kale is a natural detoxifier. This means that it helps to remove toxins from the body. Not only does it remove toxins, but it also helps the body eliminate them completely. Kales strong ability to detoxify is largely from a component it contains called isothiocyanates (ITCs). ITCs are made from glucosinolates. They are known to assist your body to detox at the cellular level. Whether your body contains toxins from pollution, pesticides, processed foods, or pharmaceuticals, kale can help remove and eliminate them from your body.

•     Kale even prevents cancer! Kale has literally been shown to stop cancer in its tracks. This is because kale is rich in a sulfur-containing compound called glucosinolate. This compound has many cancer-killing abilities, and it also inhibits tumor cell migration.

•     Kale is full of essential vitamins and minerals. These include, but are not limited to: vitamin C, manganese, copper, calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, folate, riboflavin, thiamin, phosphorus, niacin, and zinc.

Kale is also an ideal vegetable to grow indoors.Doing this ensures that your vegetables are pest-free and available all year-round. All you’ll need is a small space, water, and a reliable grow light.

Weight Loss

10 Foods That Fight Belly Fat

You have tried a lot of fitness schedules and diet patterns and knocked off those extra kilos from your body.  However, do you feel that something is missing? It’s nothing but your growing belly fat. This is the hardest nut to crack in your weight loss schedule, and it may take a long time for you to see that flat tummy once again. However, here are ten foods that help you burn belly fat faster than you expected.

  1. Nuts

Nuts, especially walnuts and almonds help to keep your tummy full and increase your metabolism levels to a large extent. They are very good sources of good fats, and you need to include them as part of your daily diet.

  1. Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits are great sources of essential nutrients like vitamins & minerals, but they are very low in calorie content. Citrus fruits, especially, are great energy boosters and help you burn belly fats rapidly. Green, leafy and colored vegetables are rich in minerals and have no fat content in them.

  1. Oats

Flavorless oats are devoid of refined sugars, and they are rich in insoluble fiber and good carbohydrates. They act as a catalyst for your digestion and help you burn fats very quickly. Fitness experts recommend having flavorless oats with skimmed milk for breakfast regularly, to see a visible reduction in belly fat.

  1. Beans & Legumes

These help in muscle growth and to regulate your digestive system, thereby reducing your cravings and helping you to burn belly fats quickly. They also make you less prone to cancer and blood pressure.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of proteins, and they are good antioxidants as well. Boiled eggs, especially, contains leucine, which helps in aiding digestion and burning belly fats. It is highly recommended that you should have one boiled egg at least with breakfast every day.

  1. Turkey & lean meats

These are not only tasty but also great for helping digestive disorders. They are great for muscle buildup, improved digestion system and boosting immunity, which naturally helps your body to burn fats quickly.

  1. Fish

It is important to eat only those fishes like salmon, tuna or anything else that are rich in Omega 3 fats. These are good fats and make your stomach full. Therefore, your hunger pangs are reduced, and your belly fat is reduced to a large extent.

  1. Spices

Consider adding more spices like turmeric, ginger, cayenne, and garlic in your daily diet to boost your metabolism rate, detox your liver and burn fats quickly. Most of these spices are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, thereby boosting your immunity as well.

  1. Coconut oil

Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil isn’t unhealthy. Rather, it is a rich source of medium chain fatty acids like triglycerides, which give your metabolism rate a huge boost and help you burn fats quickly.

  1. Onions

Onions are prebiotics foods that promote the growth of good bacteria in your body. These good bacteria play a vital role in regulating the insulin levels in your body and increasing your fat-burning capacity.

In a nutshell, you should have a balanced diet every day that includes a lot of water, fruits, vegetables, and nuts to flaunt a flat belly within months.

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5 Juices That Will Burn Your Belly Fat

Belly fat is the most challenging issue faced by men and women who are trying to lose weight. Burning belly fat isn’t as easy as you think it might be. While rigorous exercises do help a lot in making your tummy flat, it is also important that you follow a strict diet. Juices should form a vital part of this diet. If you include these five juices regularly in your diet, you can burn belly fat quickly.

  1. Carrot juice

We all know that carrots are great sources of Vitamin A, but not many of us know that they aid in weight loss as well. They are loaded with fiber, which helps you to keep your stomach full. Experts recommend drinking a big glass of carrot juice after a healthy breakfast, to avoid unwanted binge-eating before lunch. One of the best characteristics of carrots is that they aid in they promote bile secretion of the liver, which is an important element to help you burn fats in the foods quickly. You can just blend carrots and water, or you may also add a dash of lime, ginger, beetroot or any other natural fruit to make it one of the best detox drinks ever.

  1. Cucumber Juice

Vegetables like cucumber are rich in water, and thus they keep your stomach full by reducing your appetite. They are very low in calories as well. The high amounts of water and fiber in cucumber help you stay protected against various ailments as they help in boosting your immunity. It keeps your tummy clean as well as it is a great detox agent. Fresh cucumber, when mixed with a little cilantro, lime, ginger or buttermilk is a highly refreshing summer drink. If you don’t like cucumber, you can make juice out of any water-rich fruit like watermelon, for the same results.

  1. Spinach juice

Spinach is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, iron and other nutrients. It boosts your metabolism rate by generating heat in your body. Due to this, the liver becomes highly efficient in breaking down the fats quickly, instead of accumulating it in places like your belly. A glass of spinach juice every day can also make your skin clear and prevent problems like acne, blackheads, etc. If plain spinach juice tastes bland, you can add a dash of lime or ginger and mix any other fruit like apple or pineapple for unique flavor.

  1. Lemon & Ginger

This is one of the easiest and commonly suggested drinks for weight loss, especially for knocking off the flab around your belly. Lemon and ginger are commonly available ingredients, and you can blend them both with lukewarm water to make a refreshing drink. Add honey or coriander leaves for additional taste. You can have this drink several times a day for best results.

  1. Bitter gourd Juice

As much as you hate bitter gourd, you need to understand that it is a wonder-vegetable for boosting metabolism and burning fats quickly in your body. Bitter gourd increases your liver’s capacity to secrete bile, which helps in digestion and detoxifying your stomach. Bitter gourds are highly nutritious but very low in calories. Therefore, you have to drink a glass of this juice, preferably on an empty stomach in the mornings, to see a visible reduction in belly fat.

If your exercises and diet pattern don’t bring about changes in the fat in your belly area, it means that you haven’t been drinking these juices regularly.


Weight Loss

10 Reasons To Start Losing Weight Today

Weight loss seems to the mantra of almost all youngsters, especially women, today. Most of them want to lose weight to flaunt their body among their friends and colleagues, to participate in some event, to look hot in the eyes of their spouse or boyfriend or just to feel good about them. However, there are more reasons than these to start losing weight today.

  1. Mitigates pain from arthritis

When you start losing weight, it lightens the burden on your knee joints and helps to mitigate the pain caused by arthritis. In spite of the painkillers, you will continue to feel the pain if you don’t take a conscious effort to reduce your weight.

  1. Improved personality development

When you start losing weight, you start feeling motivated and good about yourself. You start socializing more because of increased confidence. Your public speaking skills increase, as a result of which, your personality will change for the good.

  1. Improved sex life

Losing your weight can help you bring some spice to your sex life, thereby helping you to improve your relationships as well.  If you have had a dull sex life, there is no better reason for you to start losing weight right away.

  1. Helps your family

When you start losing weight, you become more conscious of your health, and you start cooking healthy meals. As a result, your entire family benefits from the same. When you have kids and aged people at home, this can prove to be a huge benefit, because they need healthy meals on a daily basis more than others.

  1. Boosts immunity

When you decide to start your weight loss journey, you will start following a healthy lifestyle. This would include physical exercises, balanced diet, good sleep and limited smoking or alcohol consumption. As per studies conducted at Harvard Medical School, a healthy lifestyle will boost immunity and prevent you from common ailments like cold, cough and flu.

  1. Prevents memory loss

A weight loss journey would include a rigorous physical exercise for at least 30 minutes every day and consuming foods that are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. This has a positive impact on your brain health and protects you against diseases like memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s at a later stage.

  1. Prevents breast cancer

It is very important for women to start losing weight as early as possible as it makes them less prone to diseases like breast cancer than women who are not conscious about their weight gain. Accumulated body weight leads to increased estrogen production, thereby causing weight gain and obesity as well.

  1. Prevents asthma-related ailments

According to a report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, losing weight can protect a person against asthma-related ailments and other allergies. Increase in body weight puts undue pressure on adrenal glands, which lead to asthma.

  1. Mitigates risk of cardiac ailments

If you have diabetes or other ailments, you have to start losing weight immediately as it will mitigate your risk against cardiovascular diseases and make you less prone to cardiac arrests.

  1. Clearer skin

Studies have proved that making a conscious effort to lose weight can make your skin glow and prevent it from problems like acne, pimples, blackheads and more. This is because of the healthy foods that you eat as part of your weight loss journey.

Don’t you think these reasons are convincing enough for you to lose weight right now?

Weight Loss

10 Daily Habits To Fight Hunger

The habits that you follow daily have a great impact on your weight. When you feel frequent hunger pangs, you tend to eat too much at irregular intervals, thereby leading to an unhealthy weight gain. Hence, it is important to keep your hunger pangs under control. These habits will help you do that:

Eat more of proteins

When your meal contains about 20% protein, it makes you feel full and reduces binge-eating to a great extent. For this reason, it is important to include protein-rich foods like eggs in your breakfast every day. As you start eating lots of proteins, you will experience a reduced appetite.

Switch over to healthy foods

When you keep eating a lot of processed or refined or unhealthy foods, your body automatically starts to crave for it. These cravings are the main culprits of eating out often. To avoid this, you need to change your diet completely. When you eat bland and healthy foods for about two weeks at a stretch, your body will start craving for them, instead.

Nuts & Water

If you want to reduce hunger pangs completely, you need to drink a lot of water (at least two glasses) and eat an ounce of nuts (about 12 almonds). In less than a half an hour, you will feel a marked decrease in your appetite.


In some cases, you might feel hungry at an unusual time, when you are tired. Too much of stress and fatigue can trigger food cravings. To reduce this, you need to take a power nap of about 15 to 20 minutes and see quick results. If you want to sleep better, check this out.

Include more fiber

Eating a lot of fiber-rich foods can make your stomach full and energized. Whole grains, peas, beans, etc. can help you immensely in keeping your appetite under check. When continued for about three months, these fiber-rich meals can also aid in weight loss.

Divert your mind

If your mind craves to eat one particular type of food like chocolates, cakes, ice-cream or other unhealthy varieties, you should never yield to temptation. Instead, you should divert your mind by speaking with somebody, listening to music, playing a game, etc.

Dark Chocolate can help

If you have a sweet tooth, here is some good news for you. Dark chocolate has stearic acid in it, and this helps to slow the digestion process in your body and keep your stomach feeling full for a long time.

Add more spice

Make your meals spicier than how you usually like them and see the difference in your appetite. Hot peppers have a substance called capsaicin, which aids in decreasing appetite and increasing the feeling of stomach fullness.

Control stress levels

As we saw earlier, stress is an important reason why a person feels frequent hunger pangs in a day. To reduce stress at work or in your personal life, you can resort to meditation, yoga, physical exercise sessions or anything else to keep your mind relaxed.

Include Omega-3 Fats in your meals

If you are already obese or overweight and are trying ways & means to reduce weight, you have to include a lot of Omega-3 fat-rich foods as part of your daily diet. Fishes are a great source of Omega-3 fats. They help in increasing the secretion of the hormone, leptin, which helps your stomach to stay full.

Bid goodbye to irregular hunger pangs by including these tips as part of your daily diet structure.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa is a superfood, and for good reasons. It contains so many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Quinoa is usually considered to be a grain (similar to rice and barley), however, it’s actually a seed. Even though it’s a seed, you still cook and eat quinoa the same way as you would any other grain. Here are 10 reasons why quinoa is considered to be a superfood:

•     High in Iron – Quinoa is full of iron, containing 1.4 milligrams per 100 grams of quinoa. Iron is an essential element for blood production.

•     High in ManganeseManganese is a trace mineral. Just 0.75 cups of cooked quinoa has 1.17 milligrams of manganese (59% of the daily recommended value). Manganese helps form connective tissue, sex hormones, and bones in the body.

•     High in Protein – Quinoa is the perfect food for vegetarians and vegans because of its high protein content. Just 1 cup of cooked quinoa contains 8.14 grams of protein. It’s considered to be a complete protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids.

•     High in Magnesium – Without magnesium, our body wouldn’t be able to produce energy and our muscles would be permanently contracted. Magnesium also aids with healthy bone and teeth formation. 100 grams of cooked quinoa has 64 milligrams of magnesium (16% of the recommended daily value).

•     High in Fiber – Fiber is necessary for good digestion and regular bowel movements. Quinoa is a great source of fiber. 1 cup of cooked quinoa contains 5 grams of fiber. Fiber also keeps us full for longer periods of time, so it helps with weight loss.

•     High in Phosphorus – Quinoa is full of phosphorus, just one cup of cooked quinoa contains 28% of the recommended daily value. Phosphorus is an essential mineral that is mostly used for growth and repair of cells and tissues in the body.

•     Contains LysineLysine is an essential amino acid. Our body uses it for growth and maintenance. It also plays an important role in calcium absorption and building muscle protein.

•     High in Folate – Folate is one of the B vitamins. One cup of cooked quinoa contains 19% of the daily recommended value of folate. Folate is necessary for fertility in both men and women. Our bodies also use folate to make DNA and other genetic material.

•     High in Vitamin B2 – Another B vitamin that quinoa contains is vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin. 3/4 cup of cooked quinoa contains 0.2 milligrams of riboflavin. This is 15% of the daily recommended value. Riboflavin is necessary for energy production, and it also works as an antioxidant, fighting free radicals in the body.

•     High in Copper – Copper is an essential trace mineral that quinoa is very high in. 3/4 cup of cooked quinoa contains 0.36 milligrams of copper, which is 40% of the daily recommended value. Copper works together with iron to form red blood cells.

These are only a few of the health benefits of quinoa. It is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on earth, and definitely a food that you should try incorporating into your diet.

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Why You Should Eat Cranberries

Cranberries are a type of berry that grows in the cooler regions of the world such as North America and Europe. They are quite tart and bitter compared to other berries which are generally sweet. Even though they might not taste the best to some people, cranberries are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. You can consume cranberries in many forms, such as juice, consuming the whole berry, taking a supplement, or eating cranberry jam. Here are some health benefits of cranberries.

•     Cranberries can treat urinary tract infections (UTIs). In addition to treating urinary tract infections, they also help to block and prevent them from happening in the first place. The reason why is because they contain proanthocyanidins. These help to prevent E. coli (the bacteria that often causes UTIs) from sticking to the walls of the uterus and the bladder. Drinking just one cup of pure cranberry juice a day has the potential to prevent and heal UTIs.

•     Cranberries fight heart disease. There are several ways that cranberries benefit the heart. Since they are naturally cholesterol free, they help to lower the bad cholesterol in the body which prevents the artery walls from getting clogged. Cranberries also prevent plaque from forming on the arterial walls (which can lead to atherosclerosis). Therefore, your chance of getting a stroke is automatically reduced. If you have recently suffered from a stroke, consuming cranberries can aid with the recovery process.

•     Cranberries are very strengthening for the immune system. Since they are extremely high in antioxidants, these antioxidants flush out any harmful toxins that suppress the immune system.  Once the toxins are removed from your system, your immune system automatically strengthens and can fight off sickness and bacteria better.

•     In terms of antioxidants, cranberries outrank almost every other fruit and vegetable. One cup of whole cranberries has an antioxidant capacity of 8,983. The only fruit that can top that is blueberries (wild blueberries have 13,427 and cultivated blueberries have an antioxidant capacity of 9,019).

•     Cranberries contain a flavonoid called quercetin. This flavonoid has been proven to inhibit the development of certain cancers in the body, specifically breast and colon cancer.

•     Cranberries also promote gum and overall mouth health. They can decrease the production of both cavity and plaque producing bacteria in your mouth. Cranberries also prevent other dental problems such as gingivitis and gum disease.

•     Did you know that cranberries have anti-aging properties? All of the antioxidants in cranberries help your body to get rid of the free radicals that can contribute to your body’s aging process. Not only will this prevent wrinkles and help keep your skin looking young and healthy, but it also assists your internal organs. It helps them function properly for longer periods of time without having any problems.

•     Finally, cranberries can also help with kidney and bladder problems. They contain a substance in them called citric acid (along with many other nutrients) that can prevent kidney stones, and other related kidney and bladder issues.

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Two Top Fat Burning Foods: Watermelon & Oats

If you are looking for an effective way to burn fat and keep it off, you have to work with your body instead of against it. Your body wants to get rid of excess fat just as much as your mind does, but in order to do so, you need to provide it with the proper tools. Here are two foods that you can incorporate into your diet in order to see results. These two foods, watermelon and oats, both have fat burning properties that will aid you on your weight loss journey.


Watermelon is an incredible food to eat for weight loss. Not all fruits are created equally, and watermelon is definitely one of the best fruits out there for fat burning. There are many people who don’t eat fruit because it’s mostly made out of simple sugars. This is true, however, the sugar in fruit is natural. Watermelon is one of the best fruits to eat because it contains 92% water, and 8% sugar. Hence why the word “water” is in the name. Due to watermelon’s extremely high water content, it is very low in calories. Did you know that one cup of diced watermelon contains only 46 calories? Watermelon is full of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A and vitamin C. It is also very high in fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements. This will make a flat stomach easier to achieve.

In addition to all that, watermelon also contains a substance in it called citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that converts into arginine with help from the kidneys. This powerful amino acid has been proven to reduce the amount of fat accumulation in our fat cells. When you consume citrulline, which watermelon is very high in, it has the ability to block the activity of TNAP (tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase). By doing so, this encourages the fat cells in our body to create less fat. Naturally, this prevents an over accumulation of body fat. Therefore, watermelon is a great food to eat to help burn body fat. Plus, it’s very hydrating and delicious!


Oats are another great food to eat for burning fat in the body. They make the perfect fat burning breakfast. Oatmeal is very high in fiber, therefore, it is extremely filling and satisfying. Since oatmeal has a very versatile flavor, you can add any of your favorite toppings in order to make it taste good. You can add fruit to your oatmeal, nuts, seeds, or granola. You can also add any nut butters and powders for added nutrients. Oats are also quite low in calories. 1/2 cup of dry oats only has 150 calories, and 1/2 cup of dry oats is a very average amount to eat for breakfast. If you don’t have time to make oatmeal every morning, you can make overnight oats the night before and put them in a jar to take on the go.

Oats are high in many nutrients including magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. They are full of complex carbohydrates that keep you energized throughout the day. The complex carbs are also very slow releasing, so you won’t experience any blood sugar spikes. The fiber in oats will keep you full and prevent cravings.

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Salt & Water – How They Affect Weight Loss

Weight loss seems so out of reach for some people. Whether they are 20 pounds overweight, or 200 pounds overweight, people lose motivation and even give up because it seems like no matter what they try, the weight just isn’t coming off. If you are struggling with weight loss, here are two small changes that you can incorporate into your daily life in order to see results.

1. Eat Less Salt

Even though salt makes our food taste delicious, it could be a major culprit to why you aren’t losing weight. The daily recommended value of sodium intake is between 1000-1500 milligrams. However, most North Americans consume around 3400 milligrams on average, daily. High sodium diets contribute to weight gain because they cause immense amounts of water retention in the body. High sodium consumption is also linked to high blood pressure.

The best way to eat lower sodium is to cut out processed foods. Processed foods are usually full of salt to help preserve them. So are canned foods. It’s okay to eat canned foods, just look for “salt-free” options when buying canned beans and diced tomatoes. Another tip is to wait until after the cooking process to add salt. Only once you have plated your food should you add salt. This way, the flavor will be much more intense and you won’t have to add as much of it. Try cooking with different herbs and spices to discover new flavors and lower the amount of salt you use in your cooking.

Once you lower your salt consumption and make sure that you aren’t eating any more than 1500 milligrams a day, you will be amazed at how much of a difference you see. Water weight will come off quickly and you will instantly feel and look less bloated, just within a few days.

2. Drink More Water

We all know the importance of water in our diet. After all, the majority of our body is made out of water. Ever since we were young children, we’ve been told to drink 8 cups of water a day (2 liters). How many of us actually follow this advice, though? Water is an essential ingredient for healthy weight loss. As funny as it might sound, if you don’t drink enough water, it causes water retention in the body. This is where your body will hold onto water because it’s not getting enough of it. This can make you look bloated and feel heavier. Once you regularly start drinking enough water, your body will get rid of the water retention.

Drinking water also helps flush out excess sodium out of the body, which correlates with what we talked about above. Water also contributes to healthy and regular bowel movements, which prevents constipation. Drinking enough water also prevents bloating.

If you don’t like plain water, try flavoring it with lemon, lime, mint, or cucumber. You can also drink lots of natural tea to increase your water consumption.